The Morgans of Philadelphia area

copyright © Susan Taylor Aldridge I was very surprised that with so many Morgans in the early history of Philadephia and surrounding counties that there are so few Morgans on In spite of this fact that so few northerners seem interested to find their roots in Penn's Colony, I knew that the descendants in the South would be very interested. This would help me eventually to get to my Morgans if I could eliminate some families.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Edward Morgan of Gwynnedd Pa and other Morgan families and looking for Daniel Morgan's family

In order to find out anything about the early Morgans of William Penn's Colony and the Welch Tracts (Welsh Tracts), all roads lead back to Edward Morgan. Without knowing who he and his relatives were, you will have a harder time sorting through the rest of the Morgans. Once you determine who his children and grandchildren were, you can set them aside and start sorting thru the rest. Of course it is not so simple and has to be done in a kind of patchwork fashion, holding at the same time all information in your head in order to detect clues which might lead to answers. You have to be able to hold allot of detailed information in your mind.

Since Sarah Morgan was a proven daughter of Edward Morgan, I wanted to find out if James Morgan, Iron Monger of Durham Furnace was her brother. There are several choices for the father of James Morgan of Durham, in order of most likely:
1. Thomas Morgan and Jennet of Providence Township Philadelphia (now Montgomery or the border to Chester) Thomas died about 1750.
2. John Morgan Sr who died in Richland Township Bucks - proven not to be his father. See: John Morgan of Abington MM
3. John Morgan of Radnor also proven not to be the father of this James Morgan. See John Morgan of Radnor -he fathered a James about 1700 but this child was dead by 1741 and James Morgan Iron Monger died 1782.
4. Edward Morgan of Gwynedd and Radnor Quaker meetings in Delaware and Chester counties.

In looking into who was Daniel's father, I first had to sort out at least of the possibilities which had been sited and disprove or prove them. First I looked into James Morgan, Iron Monger, of Durham Twsp Bucks Co -- rumors were that his father was a John Morgan. Well which John? There were so many. Using wills and other data I sorted out 2 John Morgans quoted as James Morgan's father and proved them both NOT to be his father. James the Iron Monger was not rich but was a man of property and substance. General Morgan's father was said to be very poor, so poor that General Morgan was said to be "uneducated."

There are too many accounts that Sarah Morgan Boone was the aunt to General Daniel Morgan to ignore it completely but I have come to the conclusion that Daniel Morgan was probably born in Hunterdon County NJ as he said on several occasions, and not at Durham Furnace, and was NOT the son of James Morgan whose sons stayed in PA with their stepmother Sarah.

At the time of Daniel's family coming to Hunterdon, it was a vast territory including several counties of today. The New Jersians have determined his birth mist have been a Lebanon Township near Hampton. Hunterdon Co. - across the river from Bucks Co. They decided Daniel's father was Isaac Morgan. It has also been determined his parents were poor, descended from Welshmen and that they worked or had something to do with the iron forges Union Forge or Norton Furnace. Daniel told someone his father was a charcoal burner (he also farmed herbs at his home/cabin) which is a far cry from being an ironmonger. Daniel's parents were landless according to most accounts I have read. James Morgan was far from being landless. He was well to do, owing land in Providence Twsp. and owning part of the Furnace. his sons were also well off and educated.

There were lots of charcoal burners in NJ. Today they still exist in Europe but there are few of them left. A charcoal burner is not the same thing as an iron monger. That is where the confusion may have come in as to who Daniel Morgan's father was. There were probably at the very least least two Morgans at Durham Furnace at the same time because it was a common name. One was James Morgan, Iron Monger, who came from Philadelphia, now Montgomery Co. out of providence Township. His father was proven to be Thomas Morgan who had property in what is now Montogmery Co PA. James Morgan also owned property in Durham and in Philadelphia (now Montgomery).

EARLY FRIENDS FAMILIES OF UPPER BUCKS, with Some Accounts of Their Descendants, by Clarence V(Vernon) Roberts, assisted by Warren S. Ely, Originally published Philadelphia, 1925,
Warren E. Ely, Doylestown, saying on the subject of James Morgan of Durham Furnace:
"Deeds of record in Philadelphia for land in Providence township, Philadelphia
county, now
Montgomery, prove conclusively that James Morgan, of Durham,
was the son of Thomas and Jennet Morgan, of Providence township,
former of whom died about 1750. These deeds further show that the first
wife of James Morgan, of Durham, was Elinor, who died about 1762. His
second wife, Sarah, whom he married about 1766, survived him. James
Morgan, "Ironmonger," was a resident of Providence (Montgomery Co) as late as 1765. James Morgan conveyed land in Providence township, 1771, while a resident of Durham, and the claim of title recited in the deed, clearly prove his identity with the James Morgan, of Providence, son of Thomas and Jennet."

It would be good if someone in Philadelphia and surrounds would look these deeds up. I found him on the Landholders of Philadelphia in 1734. In Providence Township, as above stated. Montgomery County was created by an Act of the Pennsylvania Assembly on September 10, 1784, out of part of Philadelphia County. Providence, Montgomery would have been the area Thomas Morgan and Jennet lived. But it is hard to pin down the area on a map.

Edward Morgan was the first "Morgan" I could find in Philadelphia records, along with his probably kin/friend Maurice/Morris Morgan. They both signed a document at a town meeting in Philadelphia 25th of ye 5 Mo., 1687 (July). They were both living in caves on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River-the landing place for the original Colonists who held Quaker Meeting there- under a tree at first, until they hung a sailcloth for a tent. Later Morris signed a document for marriage of Hannah Hardiman to Carpenter. .
Name: Hannah Hardiman
Description: Daughter
Date: 28 Jun 1699
Prove Date: 10 Sep 1702
BookPage: B:189
Remarks: Hardiman, Abraham. Philadelphia. 6/28/1699. Children Mary, Hannah, Deborah and Rebecca. Friends William Biles, Samuel Beakes and George Biles. James Fox, Isaac Norris and John Kinsey. Brother Samuel Carpenter. Cousin John and Rebecca Harris. Cousin Rebecca Williams. Executrix: Wife Rebecca.

A Maurice Morgan first immigrated to Providence, Rhode Island in 1641. I wonder if he then came to down to join the Quakers or kin in Philadelphia by 1683-91.
Name: Maurice Morgan Page: 218
Year: 1641
Name: Lewis Morgan Page: 94
Year: 1631
Destination: Island of Providence
Source Publication Code: 1219.4
Source Bibliography: COLDHAM, PETER WILSON. The Complete Book of Emigrants: A Comprehensive Listing Compiled from English Public Records of Those Who Took Ship to the Americas for Political, Religious, and Economic Reasons; of Those Who Were Deported for Vagrancy, Roguery, or Non-Conformity; and of Those Who Were Sold to Labour in the New Colonies. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co. 1607-1660. 1988. 600p.

Did they then ship out to Philadelphia by 1684?

Name: Edward, John and Thomas Morgan
Year: 1679
Place: Bristol, Rhode Island
Source Publication Code: 3283
Annotation: Standard work. Includes lists of ships to Bermuda, Barbados, and continental North America. Indexes family names. Names of Jews are excerpted in Adler, no. 61. Care should be taken when using Hotten. There are two versions, only one with accurate text and index
Source Bibliography: HOTTEN, JOHN CAMDEN, editor. The Original Lists of Persons of Quality; Emigrants; Religious Exiles; Political Rebels; Serving Men Sold for a Term of Years; Apprentices; Children Stolen; Maidens Pressed; and Others Who Went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 1600-1700. With Their Ages, the Localities Where They Formerly Lived in the Mother Country, the Names of the Ships in Which They Embarked, and Other Interesting Particulars. From MSS. Preserved in the State
Pages: 388-389

There are "holes" in the decade years of the marriages of Edward's children, leading me to believe that not all his children stayed in Merion, Gwynedd and Radnor. In fact in the end when he moved to Gwynned, he split his large acreage only with the sons who stayed near him, even excluding William who was nearby.

Although George's 1708 and Edward's descendant have not been added yet to the Morgan DNA site you can contact Terry Morgan for information.

M97070 GROUP 1 Randal (brother to George 1708 of Gloucester NJ) b.1710 PA d.1773,Faquier Co.,VA I 13 22 14 10 13 14 11 16 11 12 11 28 15 8 9 8 11 22 16 20 30 12 14 15 16 0

M10132 GROUP 1 Zachariah, illegitimate child of Hannah Morgan b.Abt.1775,VA or NC d.1848,Clay Co.,KY. He was the son of Hannah, a sister of Daniel Morgan.
I 13 22 14 10 13 14 11 16 11 12 11 28 15 8 9 8 11 22 16 20 29 12 14 15 16 0 11 10 19 21 15 14 15 21 36 36 12 10

M08402 GROUP 1 William b.1821,SC m.Harriett I 13 22 14 10 13 14 11 16 11 12 11 28 15 8 9 8 11 22 16 20 29 12 14 15 16 16

M11048 GROUP 1 Thomas d.Aft.1842, IL I 13 22 14 10 13 14 11 16 11 12 11 28 15 8 9 8 11 23 16 20 29 12 12 15 16 0 11 10 20 21 15 14 17 19 36 36 12 10

M11260 GROUP 1 Nathaniel , b.1778.NC Res.Jefferson,AL d.1864 I 13 22 14 10 14 14 11 16 11 12 11 28 15 8 9 8 11 23 16 20 29 12 14 15 16 0

M35849 GROUP 1 John Img.British Isles to America,Bef.1812 I 13 22 14 10 13 14 11 16 11 12 11 28 15 8 9 8 11 22 16 20 30 12 14 15 16 0 11 10 19 21 15 14 16 20 35 36 12 10

N21724 GROUP 1 Joseph Frederick b.1806 d.1891,London,England I1a 13 22 14 10 13 14 11 16 11 12 11 28 15 8 9 8 11 22 16 20 29 12 14 15 16 0 11 10 19 21 15 14 15 20 35 36 12 10

Name: George Morgan
Date: 17 Apr 1759
Location: Deptford, Gloucester Co.
yeoman; will of. Children--George, Randall, Jonathan, David, Ann Stiles, Martha and Abraham, the last two under age. Martha to be bound out to Rebekah Harrison, and Abraham to learn a trade. Farm bought of Aaron Jones; two farms bought of John Chew. Personal property. Executors--sons George, Randall and Jonathan. Witnesses--Johannes Huntzinger, Michaell Fisher, Charles Fisher, John Fisher. Proved May 16, 1759.
Lib. 9, p. 236.
1759, May 12. Inventory, £294.12.10, by John Blackwood and Michaell Fisher.

Daniel Morgan made a visit to his brother "on one of his trips from the north, the place being about twenty miles from the Delaware river, along which the old mine road traversed, the road generally used by the troops in passing between the Delaware and Hudson rivers."

I read that after the Rev. War, Daniel visited an older brother David left back in Hunterdon NJ. I wonder if that is the same brother he visited 20 miles from the Delaware.

New Hampton in Lebanon Township in Hunterdon is about 20 miles from the Delaware, right? But does the old Mine Road traverse there? Are they talking about a road along the river Musconetcong? which flows right into where Durham Furnace sits on the river?

Extensive archeological evidence indicates that Native Americans first used the road as a trail along the river, called the Minsi Trail or the Delaware River Path, which connected that area of present-day Philadelphia to the area of present-day Pennsylvania towns of Bethlehem, Nazareth, Stroudsburg, and Shawnee-on-Delaware. But it also goes along the new jersey side. The trail followed today's trajectory of River Road and Route 209 to Minisink Island, Port Jervis and Kingston, NY.

I havemade a separate tree for James Morgan, Iron Monger which has nothing to do with Gen. Daniel Morgan.

Hunterdon County was originally a part of Burlington County, West Jersey. It was set off from Burlington County by an enactment of the General Assembly passed on March 11, 1714. Hunterdon County was originally defined as the lands and upper parts of the western division of the province of New Jersey, lying northwards of the brook called Assunpink.

From 1714 until 1739 when Morris County was erected from its territory, Hunterdon County embraced a vast territory - nearly four times its present area- reaching from the Assunpink, to the boundary line between the provinces of New York and New Jersey. Its original territory included all, or nearly all, of the present counties of Mercer, Hunterdon, Morris, Warren, and Sussex. The county was named in honor of General Robert Hunter, who was Governor-General of the provinces of New York and New Jersey at the time that Hunterdon County was formed. The original county seat was Trenton, but was moved to Flemington in 1785. Lebanon Township: First mentioned in references on October 1731; however, the exact date or circumstance of incorporation are unknown.

As a layman (absolute non expert) of Colonial Philadelphia area Welsh genealogy, I will try to explain the interesting way of naming Welsh Colonial children back before 1700. There is probably somebody sitting up there in PA much better able to help us than I am, but they have not made a blog to do it ! So we Morgan descendants are all sitting here in the dark. The DNA tests done by some Morgan descendants will help bring to light who the early generations were- those at least born around 1700, but we may never know the names they used when they came on the ships. The first names of their fathers were their last names. Do not be surprised when it turns out the the families of Evans, Reece, Lewis, Edwards, Jones, Williams or Cadwallader have the same DNA as the Morgans. It will have depended on what father or grandfather's name they decided to use permanently in the Colonies. For example, say Rece ap John (called Rece Jones) has 3 sons. One is called Morgan Rece, one is called John Rece, the other Evan Rece. Morgan Reece's children would be called by the last name of Morgan. John Rece's children would be called the last name of John/Jones and Evan's children would be called Evans as a last name, yet they would have the same DNA. If they all started at that point to keep their last names in the Colonial fashion, you would have 3 families with 3 last names, all with the same DNA in this century.

Cadwallader "Morgan" and Edward "Morgan," living only a few miles from one another, and Cadwalader named a son Edward, one may think they were brothers by their names. But we would have to know what they really called themselves (by their father's first names) and not just the name Morgan they finally settled on in the Colonies. Cadwallader's sons used the last name of Cadwallader and his daughters used the name Morgan. Edward Morgan and Cadwallader Morgan could have NOT been related at all. There was for instance a Morgan Jones (son of John). Cadwallader Morgan was very likely Cadwallader ap Lewis, son of Lewis ap Morgan. Or he was or was related to William ap Edward. At some point around 1700, having been in the Colonies for almost 20 years, the Welsh families remained constant with their names and stopped "changing" their names every generation in the Welsh way. In the Rece family the women used Prece and the men Rece. I was wondering if in the Evan family the men used Bevan and the women Evan or vice versa. In the Jane Prece family, her brothers used Rece. Jane was the wife of Cadwallader Morgan. His sons used the last name of Cadwallader, although are recorded at Radnor/Merion Meetins as Morgans.

The Boone Family, by Hazel Atterbury Spraker (Rutland, VT, 1922), 
reprinted by the Genealogical Pub. Co. (Baltimore, 1974) from the
Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (Vol. 8, p. 329):
There was an Edward MORGAN, son of Cadwalader MORGAN, named in

the records of the Radnor Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends in
Chester Co., PA:
"Morgan MORGAN born 6th, 25th mo., 1679 to Cadwallader
"Edward MORGAN born 6th, 22nd mo., 1682 to Cadwallader"
This Edward MORGAN was too young to be the father of Sarah Morgan
BOONE whose brother Daniel was born in 1691 and who had siblings born even
earlier. In any event the sons of Cadwalader MORGAN apparently were
deceased by 10 Sept. 1711 when he made his will.
Phila. Co., Penna., Will Book (No. 211, Bk. C, p. 259).
A resident of Merion Twp. in Philadelphia Co., Cadwalader MORGAN made bequests
to Gwynedd Monthly
Meeting, Merion Meeting House, his brother John MORGAN and several
sons-in-law, but no sons. A brother Lewis. Additionally, the sons of Cadwalader MORGAN
did not USE the surname MORGAN but in the Welsh tradition went by the names
Morgan Cadwalader & Edward Cadwalader.

-Data of Mary Butler, Historian & Curator (Towamencin Historical Soc.)
and the Morgan Log House (Kulpsville, PA, 1979) from Penna. Arch. (3rd Ser.,
Vol. 2, p. 633).

I read in a report Cadwallader "Morgan" came to Pennsylvania in the "Ship Lyon", (see ships) and was a preacher among the Friends (Quakers). (Here crossed out in Radnor Meeting notes, apparently by the author, were the words 'very likely this was Cadwallader ap Lewis, son of Lewis ap Morgan' so he or she was unsure in identifying who he was on a ships list.) If you try to look up your Welsh ancestors on ships you were told they came in on, you will not be able to discover who they were because each generation had a different last name- the first name of their father- and you will be very confused. Some people say Edward was on the ship Morning Star in 1682, but since there is no passenger list for that date given, it is impossible to tell if anybody other than the one shoemaker who was on the ship. Some people say Edward was on the November 1683 arrival of the Morning Star but there is no Edward Morgan on the passenger list. There is a William Morgan. I would guess that if that is really the ship Edward came on, then he is the son of John ap Edward whose father may have been Edward ap Morgan. Edward's proven children started to marry about 1710 which would make his first child perhaps born 1692, making him perhaps age 14 in 1683. (Speculation)
The Morning Star
November 1683, (if actually 11 th month which would be Jan. 1684) from Liverpool,
Thomas Hayes, master, from Liverpool
Henry Atherly
David Davies
Robert Davies and wife and children
George Edge and wife, Joan "of Barrow"
Humphrey Edwards, servant to John ap Edwards
John ap Edwards and minor children Elizabeth, Sarah, Edward and Evan
Mary Hughes, servant to John ap Edwards
William ap John (Jones), wife Ann Reynold and children John. Alice,
Katherine and Gwen
Gabriel Jones, servant to John ap Edwards
John Loftus
William and Elizabeth Morgan
Thomas Oldham
Thomas Pritchard
Gainor Roberts, sister of Hugh Roberts, married fellow passenger John
Hugh Roberts, wife Jane and children Robert, Ellin, Owen, Edward and
John Roberts
Richard ap Thomas and son Richard, Jr.

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s

Year: 1683
Place: Pennsylvania
Family Members: Wife Jane; Child Edward; Child Morgan
Source Publication Code: 8370
Primary Immigrant: Morgan, Cadwalader
Annotation: This excellent work contains over 3,000 names and an index to vessels. Reprints the following articles with corrections, additions, and new materials: "The Real Welcome Passengers," by Marion Balderston (no. 242) pp. 1-26; "Pennsylvania's 1683 Ships," (no
Source Bibliography: SHEPPARD, WALTER LEE, JR., compiler and editor. Passengers and Ships prior to 1684. (Publications of the Welcome Society of Pennsylvania, 1.) Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1970. 245p. Reprinted by Heritage Books, Bowie, MD, 1985.
Page: 107

Another source of a Lion arrival says 8th month which is November:
Date of Arrival: 8/13/1682 Master: John Compton
Dr. Edward and Mary Wynne Jones and children Martha and Jonathan
William ap Edward and 2nd wife Jane and daughters Katherine and Elizabeth (Williams)
Edward ap Rees and wife Mably and children Rees and Catherine (Price)
little catherine died after arriving-from Merion MM notes-
Catharine Rees, child of Edward and Mabby* Rees of Wales, died Oct. 23, 1682.  
(8th Mo. 23, 1682) and was buried at Merion.
This is the first recorded burial. Edward Rees (ap Rhys, Preese or Price)
one of the “adventurers” on the “Ship Lyon” gave the ground for a burial place
before the erection of the first meeting house. Catharine Rees, daughter of
Edward and Mabby, was born in Wales, 1680. Other children of Edward and Mabby
Rees were Rees Rees, born in Wales, 1678; and Jane Prees, born in Merion, 1682.
Jane Rees, daughter of Edward and Mabby, born 9 Mo. 11, 1682. Birth recorded at
Merion Meeting.
The Rees homestead (later Price) stood near what is now (1907) the
Brookhurst Inn. The Rees (Price) property included land now belonging to the
families of McDowell, Mynick, Thomas and others. Also the Belmont Driving Park.
The original Rees homestead stood near Merion Meeting.
Chester Co immigration
Lyon (lyon of Liverpool?) arrival Dec. 1783
Below I use Cadwallader Morgan's children to explain names as an example because he was a "Morgan" and lived around the corner from our Edward "Morgan" and they had to have known each other but may have not been related. Below are the children of Cadwallader Morgan (will proved Philadelphia, Oct. 10,1711- dated September 10,1711, estate administered 1715 Will Book C, page 259), and Jane Price, or Prees, sister of Edward ap Rees (above on ship Lion) and of Hannah Rees (Prees) who married Rees John William, and of another sister who married John Williams. They were the children of Richard Price/Rees of Merionethshire, Wales, who died 1685-6. * See 1698 (*This paragraph crossed out apparently by the author. See entry under 1698.)
1. Morgan Cadwallader, oldest son of Cadwallader Morgan and wife Jane Prese, born Merionithshire, Wales, 6 Mo. 23, 1679 buried 10 Mo. 8, 1698-a young Minister, being a confirmed invalid, died unmarried. The girls in Jane's family were called Prece and the boys Rece. I have no idea why.
2. Jane Morgan
named Jane after her mother or a grandmother? m. Robert Evans, born Merionithshire, Wales, 6 Mo. 23, 1679. Robert Evans and his wife Jane had a daughter Elizabeth (b. 9 Mo. 3, 1703); and a son Edward Evan, mentioned in the will of his grandfather, Cadwallader Morgan. Also, a son Cadwallader. Jane died before 1705. Cadwallader and Jane Morgan were present at the second marriage of Robert Evans, and signed the certificate as witnesses. He married Sarah Evans at Merion Meeting, 4 Mo. 4, 1705. Sarah was the daughter of somebody with the first name Evan.
3. Edward Cadwallader
, born in Merionithshire, Wales, 6 Mo. 22, 1682 died young (no proof) An Edward ap Cadwallader was still living in 1705, and was an early subscriber to Merion Meeting.
4. Catharine Morgan, b. 3 Mo. 3, 1685 in Merion (m. Hugh Evans in 1706 of Merion, brother of Robert who married Catherine's sister Jane.)
Susan: The Merion Burial Records list a third Jane Roberts, dau. of Robert Roberts and Ellen Ellis of Merion (both parents were Quaker preachers.) This Jane Roberts married Griffith Evans, son of Hugh Evan and Catharine Cadwallader (Morgan) Evan. This Jane Roberts and Griffith Evans were married December 2, 1718 at Gwynnedd Meeting. I have no birth/death data on either of these people. Marj

Below is not the above Catherine Morgan but it shows a relationship of her father Owen to Cadwallader Morgan:
11 Mo. 13, 1707. John William, of Blockley, and Catharine Morgan of the same twp. Dau of Owen, dec'd, at Merion Meeting Place. Witnesses: Richard, Ellin and Sarah William; Hunphrey and Cadwallader Morgan.The witnesses' names (usually close relatives) show relationship of John William to the family of Wm. Ap Edward
(on the Ship Lion); and of Catharine Morgan to Cadwallader Morgan.
Owen Morgan of Merion.  Will proved Feb. 26, 1703-4.  Owen Morgan and wife
Jannie, from the parish of Machalleth in Montgomeryshire, came to
Haverford, 1684. His wife died and he married Blanche, widow of William
Sharpus, 1694. He died in Newtown, 1704. Blanche died 1717.
Owen Morgan of Haverfore, widower, and Blainich Sharpus ** of the same
township, widow, at Haverford, 11 Mo. 23, 1694 (** Last name spelling
changed from Sharpless to Sharpus.)
Will signed 9 Mo. 23, 1703. Speaks of wife Blanche. Son
Humpnrey; daughter Katharine. Daughter, Mary Carpey. Friends, Edward
Morgan and John Lloyd. Overseers, William Lewis, Ralph Lewis, Ellis Ellis
and John Bevan. Winesses; David Thomas, John Moore, John Bevan.
Witnesses to the marriage of Owen Morgan and Blainich Sharpus, 11, 23,
1694. Ellis and Humphrey Ellis; Daniel Humphrey; William Jenkins.

The will of Blanch Morgan, widow, of Newtown, is recorded at West Chester,
Pa. Signed 18th day, 11th Mo. 1717-18. Proved May ye 28th ,
1718. Mentions grandchildren, Elizabeth, Ann, Mordecay, Benjamin. Leaves
20 shillings toward repairing the graveyard at Newtown Meeting
House. Executors, Son-in-law, John Griffith; Friends, Lewis Lewis and
Evan Lewis. Witnesses, Rees Howell, William Lewis.

Mary, daughter of William and Blanch Sharpus, was married to William Bevan,
of Newtown, 1705.
3, 8, 1705. William Bevan, of Newtown, Chester Co. and Mary Sharpus,
spinster, of Haverford, at Haverford Meeting in the Welch
Tract. Witnesses, John and Evan Bevan; William and Ralph Lewis.
Name: Edward Morgan
Description: Heir
Date: 23 Sep 1703
Prove Date: 26 Feb 1703
BookPage: B:451
Remarks: Owen Morgan of Merion, Philadelphia Co. 9/23/1703. Wife Blanche. Son Humphrey Morgan, daughter Mary Carpey. Friends Edward Morgan and John Lloyd. Executrix: Daughter Katherine Morgan. Overseers: William Lewis, Ralph Lewis, Ellis Ellis, John Bevan.

Owen was the father of Humphrey Morgaan and he had married Blanche as a second wife.
Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1713-1825
about Blanch Morgan Widow
Name: Blanch Morgan
Title: Widow
Description: Decedent
Date: 18 Nov 1717
Prove Date: 28 May 1718
Book/Page: A:66
Remarks: Blanch Morgan, widow, of Newtown. 11/18/1717/8. May 28, 1718. A. 66. To grandchildren as follows. To Elizabeth £10. To Ann £10. To Mordecai £2-10. To Benjamin £5 when 21. Toward the repairing of the graveyard at Newton 20 shillings. Executors: son in law, Jon. Griffith. Witnesses: Rees Howell, Wm. Lewis
The Lion

August 13, 1682, John Compton, master
Dr. Edward and Mary Wynne Jones and children Martha and Jonathan
William ap Edward and 2nd wife Jane and daughters Katherine and Elizabeth (called Williams: first name of their father) Edward ap Rees and wife Mably and children Rees and Catherine (Price)

Name: Edward Morgan
Description: Heir
Date: 23 Sep 1703
Prove Date: 26 Feb 1703
BookPage: B:451
Remarks: Owen Morgan of Merion, Philadelphia Co. 9/23/1703. Wife Blanche. Son Humphrey Morgan, daughter Mary Carpey. Friends Edward Morgan and John Lloyd. Executrix: Daughter Katherine Morgan. Overseers: William Lewis, Ralph Lewis, Ellis Ellis, John Bevan.

Katherine Morgan-her marriage shows a relationship of her father Owen to Cadwallader Morgan:

11 Mo. 13, 1707. John William, of Blockley, and Catharine Morgan of the same twp. Dau of Owen, dec'd, at Merion Meeting Place. Witnesses: Richard, Ellin and Sarah William (children of Wm. ap Edward); Humphrey and Cadwallader Morgan.

The witnesses' names show relationship of John William to the family of Wm. Ap Edward (on the Ship Lion); and of Catharine Morgan to Cadwallader Morgan. Humphrey is Morris/Maurice Morgan. At this point he has been in Philadelphia area for 26 years, having arrived in 1681.

The Lion

August 13, 1682, John Compton, master
Dr. Edward and Mary Wynne Jones and children Martha and Jonathan
William ap Edward and 2nd wife Jane and daughters Katherine and Elizabeth (called Williams: first name of their father)
Edward ap Rees and wife Mably and children Rees and Catherine (Prece)

Morris was spelled both ways in the Colonies:

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
about Maurice Humphrey Morgan

Name: Maurice Humphrey Morgan
Year: 1681
Place: Pennsylvania
Source Publication Code: 2606.15
Primary Immigrant: Morgan, Maurice Humphrey
Annotation: Date and port of arrival or date and place of settlement or other mention in the New World. Extensive family genealogies and historical information on the early Welsh emigration to Pennsylvania are also provided.
Source Bibliography: GLENN, THOMAS ALLEN. Merion in the Welsh Tract, With Sketches of the Townships of Haverford and Radnor, Historical and Genealogical Collections Concerning the Welsh Barony in the Province of Pennsylvania, Settled by the Cymric Quakers in 1682.
Baltimore, MD: Clearfield Company, Inc., 1999. 394p.
Page: 16

A Proclamation concerning the Caves of Philadelphia, By William Penn,
Proprietary and Govern’r, &c.


Whereas I did at first, in regard of the infancy of things and specially
out of tenderness to the poorer sort, permitt divers Caves to be made in the
Bank of Philadelphia, fronting Delaware River, for a present accomodation,
and perceiving that they are commonly disposed of from one to another as a
kind of Property, and taking farther notice of the great Detriment that is
like to issue to the Street by the continuation of them, as well as the
Disorders that their great Secrecy hath given occasion to loose People to
commit in them, I do hereby desire and strictly order and warne all the
Inhabitants of the said Caves to depart the same within two Months after the
Publication hereof, And require my trusty and loving friends and
Commissioners, William Markham, Thomas Ellis and John Goodson, or any two of
them, to see that the same be accordingly effected. And that no Damage may
redound to the Publick by my former Indulgence; the said Commis’rs are
thereby ordered to cause a Survey to be taken of the State of the Said Caves
that such who have lived in them may be obliged to secure the Bank and Street
from any Damage that may happen from them. It being but a reasonable thing
that those who have had the benefit thereof should Indemnifie the Publick, of
which all Persons concern’d are to take notice and yield their due obedience
as they will answer the contrary at their Perrill.

Given at Worminghurst Place in old England ye 24th of ye 11th Month, 1686.

Welch Returns. View Full Context
Thomas Jones, Robert Jones and Cadwall'r Jones, Sons of John Thomas, Orig'l Purchaser of 5,000 Acres with Ed'd Jones, of w'ch he resurveyed 1,250 a's to himself and had 1,225 thereof taken up in the Libertys and One Moiety of the Rem'dr, viz: 612 1/2 in Meirion and as much in Goshen, haveing Procured a Warrant of Resurvey On ye said tracts, that in Meirion is found to Contain 679 a's, viz: 6 1/2 a's above measure and the Other 635 in Goshen, no Overplus, both to be confirmed to the said 3 Sons, their father haveing, by will, Dated, Granted the Same to them, no Sum.
Cadwallader Morgan haveing a Warrant of resurvey On 202 1/2 a's Part of Edw'd Jones and Jno. Thomas' Purchase, the Same is returned to Contain 222 1/2, On which a Patent is Ordered, the return being Examined.
Edw'd Jones, Jun., haveing Procured a resurvey on 306 1/2 Acres in two tracts, viz: 153 1/4 in Goshen, it is found to Contain Only 125 a's And is 28 a's deficient, the Other 153 1/4 in Meirion is found to Contain 188, viz: 20 a's Over to make up the Other On w'ch a Patent is Ordered to Ed'd Jones, Senr., to whom he has sold the whole By deed dat., the returns being first duely made from the Office. Ordered a Patent forthwith, the Deed at D. Ll's.
Edw'd Jones, Senr., haveing a warrant on 157 1/4 a's in Meirion, which Proves but 150 and is 1 1/4 deficient, and On 153 in Goshen together with 200 more, In Right of R. Thomas, for which there is returned 402 a's and is 34 Over, Out of which 1 being deducted there remains 33 to be Paid for, for w'ch he agrees to Pay £6 8s to be Paid 1 mo. next. Ord'd all in one Patent, Vid. Wel. Min's.
Cadwallader Morgan Producing a return of 222 1/2 acres in Meirion, Resurveyed in Pursuance of Our Warrant, dat. 22, 10 mo., 1701, for 202 1/2 acres, Requests a Pat't On the Same, which is Granted.
Remember that Cadwallader Morgan`s male children are called by the last named Cadwallader. So who was Edward Morgan, living around the corner in Gwynnedd and Radnor? Well, probably not related at all. Important records are at 1897 Historical records of Gwynedd. You can click on everything blue in this blog and it will lead you to a source. His father's first name was probably Morgan, not last name. People who believe "Sir James Morgan" as his father do not understand the Welsh way of naming, throwing Edward into the bin of being an Englishman living in Wales. Exactly what he was fleeing. When I first started this Morgan families search in Bucks/Chester/Montgomery Co., I assumed everyone had done their research and that Ancestry trees would be correct. Over the past weeks, as more and more material has come to light, and by cross checking and putting the puzzles together, I realize that the Ancestry Morgan trees in those early PA townships are a "free for all" and practically no one has done any cross checking.

1701 View Full Context
To Richard Moore on 245 a's in Radnor in right of R'd Davies's 5,000.
To John Evans on 2,200 acres in Radnor in right of R'd Davies's 5,000.
To John Morgan on 450 acres in Radnor in right of R'd Davies's 5,000.
To Henry Price on 300 acres in Radnor in right of R'd Davies's 5,000.
To Margaret German on 100 a's in Radnor in the same right.
To David Evan on 308 a's in 2 Tracts in Radnor in the same right.
To Richard Davies [or Prees] on 76 1/2 a's in Goshen in the same right.
To Samuel Miles on 275 1/2 acres in Radnor, part R. Davies, p't Purchas'd here.
To Rich'd Miles on 170 1/2 acres in Radnor in the same right.
To David Meredith on 200 acres in Radnor in the same right.
To Steven Evans on 250 acres in Radnor in the same right.
To Thomas Howel 100 acres in Haverf'd in right of R'd Davies' 1,250.
To James Thomas, of Meirion, on 100 acres in the same right.
To Evan Harry on 164 acres, part in the same right and p't purchas'd her
There are many undiscovered Morgans in these counties and it will take work. But they may have arrived as ap Evans or ap Roberts or ap Jones. And further, they may bot be related to each other at all, but may be related by blood to what is now another name in America. This is also a reason why it was unrealistic to look up the "name" Morgan in Wales. Any family who called themselves permanently Morgan was English living in Wales and our ancestors were Welsh living in Wales. Anyway to think that the son of a Lord and Knight would be a tailor (Edward the tailor) is also unrealistic.
Joshua Morgan requests 100 adjoyning or near to the 100 a's lately granted to Wm. Brakyn, on Mill Creek, near Whiteclay, on the same terms, viz: for £12 10s, and to be paid 25th Xbr, 1703, with Interest for 1 Year and a bushell Rent, Informs that he is Seated on 200 acres leased to him by Jno. Champion for 9 Years at £3 p'r ann., which has been enterd on about 11 Years without any grant or Survey.

There are so many flaws in the Ancestry trees that I cannot begin to write everyone a Post-em to try to correct the trees. My biggest problem at the moment is identifying Samuel Morgan, son of James of Durham Furnace. Which Samuel Morgan married Charity Vansandt? Samuel in Morris Co NJ who married Nancy Hill? or Samuel Morgan in Northumberland Co PA? neither one of those choices have satisfactory childrens' names to tie them to James Morgan of Durham Furnace. Peter Morgan's male children names are completely out of the running. Maybe some of you would be willing to help sort through this Morgan mess ! Terry Morgan is helping me. Any more volunteers?

Map left is a 1776 map of Bucks Co. Durham Furnace was in what became Durham Township Bucks County PA. Durham boats were designed for river commerce by Robert Durham. The boat was used by the Durham Iron Company as early as 1727. George Washington used 40 of these boats in his historic crossing of the Delaware River. Another Revolutionary War figure associated with the area was general Daniel Morgan- how Trenton and other towns in NJ are right across the river. Bucks county at one time incorporated land in West Jersey and some Bucks county families are listed with marriages in New Jersey but it was only across the river.

I welcome ALL additions and corrections or arguments. My ancestor was Adam Morgan born 1798 in Gloucester Co New Jersey across from Philadelphia. His father was probably either a John or an Adam Morgan enlisting in Morris Co and moving to Gloucester Co NJ 1777. born in time to be in the Revolution. Because I could not get beyond Adam Morgan, I started to examine other Morgans around him and across the river. The 24th April of 1954 my great uncle Col. Sidney Morgan had a conversation with another Morgan descendant Helen Wilson who said a Mrs. Swope (a descendant) had written the following which had been passed down in her family:

"Four brothers (she does not say their name was Morgan when they arrived) left Wales and settled in the Colonies. One in Virginia, one in Durham Furnace, south of Easton Pa. on the Delaware River, one in Connecticut, the fourth -unknown."

Maybe you can help me solve that riddle. Did they mean James went to Durham Furnace as the son of Thomas Morgan (see information below) and his brothers went to CT, VA and Unknown (maybe that was John Morgan of Radnor who died in 1744?). The Durham Furnace Morgan family were ancestors of Anna Morgan Balliet whose great grandfather was Enoch Morgan born 20 June 1752, paymaster in the Revolution. Anna had said that her great grandfather Enoch had 3 brothers who fought in the Revolution and that their father James Morgan of Durham named them:

Kill-all- a minute man
Cure-all- Abel Morgan
Save-all- a chaplain
Pay-all- Enoch Morgan, a paymaster (Anna's ancestor)

But who was Thomas Morgan-James' father- descended from (dangling participle)?

What I would LOVE to have is documentation for any of the Eleanor connection. Where did anyone find she was a Ryan or Bryan? If it is LDS it can`t be depended on. Did you see any documentation at their library? You can send for reels for 5 dollars if they have doc.
The only documentation I ran into for Elinor was done in the 1800s which you may not have seen. It was from the book written about 1876. If someone in the USA would look this up in the deed records, it would solve the mystery of who James father was, but it would open up the mystery who Thomas Morgan was.

James Morgan of Durham Furnace

No recorded marriages with the Quakers found at this point. Wife Elinor died in 1762. her existance is proven in deed records in what is now Momtgomery Co. But which James was married to Eleanor Bryan in Somerset Co. NJ? I would guess if the were Welsh, the boxs in the family were Ryan the girls were Bryan, Who was the father of James Morgan Ironmaster of Durham Furnace? His first wife Elinor died about 1762, marriage1763 to Sarah Hennlein, daughter of Matheis Heinlein who arrived in Philadelphia, on the Bannister, from Amsterdam in 1754. James (after being employed at Duhram furnace about half a century) died there, 1782.

"HEINLEINS and MORGANS of Durham township, Bucks county. All the Heinleins in America are descendants of Matheis Heinlein, who with his wife, son George, and daughters Sarah and Eva, took passage in the ship "Bannister." Captain John Doyle, from Amsterdam, and qualified at Philadelphia, October 31, 1754. He settled in Durham township on a tract of land on the southern slope of Bucher Hill. A farm now belonging to B. F. Fackenthal was part of this tract, ..."

James Morgan settled in Durham about 1727.From the most authentic
source, the manufacture of iron stoves, for heating of buildings,
was begun at the furnace about 1741, when controlled by George
Taylor, James Logan and James Morgan. There were called the "Adam and Eve" stoves from the figures cast on them.
Tradition says several cannon were cast at the furnace during 1774 and 1776, while
George Taylor and James Morgan had control.

June 19, 1772, Joseph Morris conveyed his interest to James Morgan for £375,
and at the subsequent partition he was allotted plat number 26, containing 191 acres and 120
[121*] perches. (His son was not General Daniel Morgan and was not born on plat number
30. Daniel Morgan's family was poor and James Morgan came from a landed family.)
March 25, 1773, the share-holders voted to dissolve the
co-partnership, probably in view of the approaching conflict with the
mother country, after continuing 46 years with varying fortunes. The deed
was executed December 24th, by Samuel Powell, son, and heir at law of
Samuel Powell, who survived Griffith Owen, trustee of the Durham company,
Joseph Galloway and Grace, his wife, Abel James, John Thompson, Joseph
Morris and Hannah, his wife, James Hamilton, Cornelia Smith, who was the
daughter of Andrew Bradford, and James Morgan and Sarah, his wife.

In the partition, Joseph Galloway was allotted tracts numbered one, two, three,
four, seven and twenty-three [33*], on both sides of Durham creek, which
contained the iron works and other improvements, comprising about 1,000
[1,500*] acres in all.
After James' death his nephew, Mordecai Morgan,
became general manager at the furnace, 1785, having charge of the
three forges, and those at Chelsea, Greenwich and Bloomsburg, in New
Jersey, erected, respectively in 1745, 1748, and 1760. The three latter
erected and controlled by Durham blew out, 1742, and were torn down soon
after. There were several other Morgans in Durham, probably all of the
same family, among them Mordecai, a single man, Enoch, 1793, and Abel
taxed for 530 acres, 1783.

In what way is the mentioned Mordecai Morgan James Morgan's nephew? Who had a son Mordecai besides James Morgan of Durham?

Children of James Morgan and Eleanor/Elinor -Mordica, Abel, James, Samuel and Olivia:

A. Mordecai Morgan (some list him as John Mordecai Morgan) b. unknown d. 1793-4 m. Mary Davis. Moved to Wayne co. Pa Mordecai/Mordica, James and Samuel were lumbermen, and were purchasers of large tracts of land in the Upper Delaware and Susquehanna river country. Mordica purchased four hundred acres in Monroe county in 1785. Mordica and James settled at a place called Morgan's Hill, in Wayne County PA, where Sarah Heinlein his step mother passed her widowhood.

B. Abel Morgan b. unknown d. 1796 Surgeon in the Revolution m. Elizabeth Bay (maiden name Lizzie Bell) widow of Hugh Bay. Abel became a noted physician in Philadelphia. Dr. Abel Morgan removed to Morgan's Hill, in Williams township, Wayne Co below Easton PA. Dr. Morgan was surgeon of the Eleventh Regiment. Pennsylvania Line. His friend George Heinlein (Sarah's brother or nephew) was a very popular man and became captain of the Durham township militia, served all through the war, and afterwards secured additional land and pursued. All the Heinleins living in the regions roundabout are descendants of James, who married Ann Bay, only daughter of
Hugh Bay and his wife Elizabeth Bell, both of Philadelphia. After Hugh Bay’s death Dr. Abel Morgan married the widow, and removed to what is now Morgan’s Hill, in Williams township, about one mile below Easton. They had only one daughter, Hannah, who died while yet in her teens. James Heinlein is credited with changing the spelling of the name from Heinlein to Hineline, yet the baptismal records of his family show the former way of spelling. His children were George Bay Heinlein, Hugh Bay Heinlein, Abel Morgan Heinlein, Edward Bay Heinlein, Morgan Bay Heinlein, Jacob Bay Heinlein, John Bay Heinlein, Henry Bay Heinlein, Hannah Eliza, wife of William Raub. They all were born prior to 1820. The children of George Bay Heinlein are: Hugh Abraham, born 1823; Joseph, 1825; John William, 1829; Samuel Morgan, 1832; Susan, 1834; Daniel Edward, 1836; Ann Shultz, 1839. The children of Joseph Heinlein are: Mary, married Kemmerer; Emma, married Edelman; Charles, Frank and Clara, married Kleinhans,all of whom have children, and some grandchildren. Hugh, Abel, Jacob and John, with their entire families, about the year 1860 removed to Ohio, where their descendants are quite numerous. The descendants of Morgan and Edward are to be found in Warren county, New Jersey, and Bucks and Northampton counties, Pennsylvania. Henry died without issue.
Text taken from page 308 Davis, William W. H., A. M. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [NewYork-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III Lehigh County was formed from Northampton County in 1812, which was formed in 1752 from Bucks County, an original County. This area was part of Bucks County Pennsylvania, until Northampton County was founded in 1752. Easton, PA is the county seat. Counties taken from Northampton: Wayne (1798), Monroe (1836) border to the Northeast; Lehigh (1812) borders to the West; Northumberland (1772), Schuylkill (1811), Carbon (1843) border to the Northwest.

C. James Morgan Jr. b. unknown d. unknown he was said to be a Lumberman. Operated saw mills with his brothers. Mordica and James settled at a place called Morgan's Hill, in Wayne County PA, where Sarah Heinlein passed her widowhood. Mordica, James and Samuel were lumbermen, and were purchasers of large tracts of land in the Upper Delaware and Susquehanna river country.

D.Olivia Morgan b.unknown d. unknown. married Capt. James McCullough Capt. of artillery in reg. of Gen Henry Knox.

E. Enoch Morgan b June 20, 1752 paymaster in the 6th PA reg married Susannah Bailey (Anna Balliet Morgan said Enoch Morgan moved to Stroudsburg, Monroe Co) b Feb 20, 1747 died Jan 14, 1815 here is reference to Baily and Morgan names in a will:

Enoch Morgan
Information: County: Northampton Co.
Name: Enoch Morgan
Rank: Lieutenant & paymaster
Annual Allowance: 240 00
Sums Received: 808 00
Description of service: Pennsylvania continental line
When placed on the pension roll: November 6, 1818
Commencement of pension: April 23, 1818
Age: 70
Laws under which inscribed, increased or reduced OR Remarks.: Dropped from the roll under act May 1, 1820.

Lehigh County was formed from Northampton County in 1812,
which was formed in 1752 from Bucks County, an original
County. This area was part of Bucks County
Pennsylvania, until Northampton County was founded in 1752.
Easton, PA is the county seat. Counties taken from
Northampton: Wayne (1798), Monroe (1836) border to the
Northeast; Lehigh (1812) borders to the West; Northumberland
(1772), Schuylkill (1811), Carbon (1843) border to the

January 11, 1765. September 28, 1765.
Plantation whereon I now live in Radnor containing 82 acres to be sold.
To wife Isabella (Townsend) £200. To grandson George Harry £10 at 21. Remainder
divided between 3 daughters Hannah (married Amos Harry), Betty and Dinah.
Executor: Son in law Amos Harry.
Witnesses: John Davis, Mordecai Morgan, Mary Morgan.

i. Enoch Morgan

ii. Thomas Bailey Morgan b March 15, 1788

iii.Elizabeth “Betsy” Morgan married a Vanderbilt

iv. Susannah/Susan Morgan married John Smiley

v. Rebecca Morgan b March 28, 1791 married John Hammond

vi. James Morgan married Hannah Bennett and had 11 children

a. Bennett

b. James

c. Madison

d. Ellen

e. Mercy

f. Rebecca

g. Thomas B. b. 11 NOV 1832 in Monroe Co, PA? died 21 MAY 1910 in Lehigh Co, PA m. Sarah Januarye Romig born 22 APR 1837 in Lehigh Co., PA buried Union Church, Neffs, North Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co., PA lived 1860 AND 1870 North Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co., PA (see Ann Phillips)

1. John R. Morgan b: ABT 1858 in Lehigh Co., PA m. Sarah Geiger

2. James Morgan b: ABT 1860 in Lehigh Co., PA m Minnie Couch

3. Edward W. Morgan b: ABT 1864 in Lehigh Co., PA m. Alice Smith

4. Anna J. Morgan b: ABT 1866 in Lehigh Co., PA m. 21 FEB 1889 Aaron Harvey Balliet b: 27 DEC 1867 in Ballietsville, North Whitehall Twp

5. Charles Morgan m. Ruth Taylor


h. Elizabeth

i. Rachel

j. Emily

k. Litilia/Lititia By previous marriage

l. William By previous marriage

F. Samuel Morgan in Bucks, Pa married Charity Vansant (Van Sandt) 1762 May 20 in Bucks Co, PA,

G.unknown male Morgan minuteman in the Rev

H.unknown male Morgan chaplain in the Rev

I. Samuel Morgan died between 1802 and 1805 in Northumberland Co PA

1st wife Charity VanSandt

children Rachel, Sarah, Isaiah

2nd Mary SANDS b: 20 Jan 1754 in Bensalem Twp,Bucks Co

Children: Unknown female married Harbert, Edmond, Samuel, James, Joseph, and Charles

I found one researcher whose work I respect- email from on this Ancestry page Donna Pitts. I do disagree with her on one family and that is of Peter Morgan who married Mary Vansandt. They ended up in Ohio. There are Peter Morgans in Gloucester NJ but I have not seen any in this part of PA. The names of Peter's children are not really that of James' family. The Peter Morgan family has these son: Charles, Gabril, John, Corneluis, Samuel, Joshua, Vansandt Morgan. Of 7 names only the name Samuel matches. (The name John is too common to count.) Donna believes Samuel Morgan from Bucks is Peter Morgan and that his wife Mary is Charity Vansandt d/o Isaiah VANSANDT Vansant. I doubt that BOTH man and wife would change their names. Samuel Morgan married Charity Vansant (Van Sandt) 1762 May 20 in Bucks Co, PA. Charity and Mary had the same great grandfather Garret Stoffelse VANSAND who died in Bensalem Buck Co NJ on June 5, 1706. They were second? cousins, once removed?. Mary's parents were John Vansant, justice of Bucks county, 1715-18, 1723-27, and Rebecca Cox of Philadelphia, m. August 19, 1728, and settled in Middletown, Monmouth Co NJ. Info came from the Book of William W.H. Davis--History of Bucks co.Pa.written 1876 & 1905. See will below.

Wills: Samuel Morgan, 1805: Shamokin Township, Northumberland County,
PA File contributed for use in US GenWeb Archives by Marti Wise. web site address: USGENWEB NOTICE:
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Written 1802
Probated 1805
Samuel Morgan's Will, In the name of God
Amen. I, Samuel Morgain, of Shamokin Township, in the County of
Northumberland, being weak in body but of Sound Memory, thanks be to
God for his goodness to me; and Calling to Mind the Mortality of my
body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make
and ordain this my last Will and Testament in Manner and form
following; viz, First I give my Soul to the Almighty God, who gave it
me; nothing doubting but at the General Resurection, I Shall receive
the same again by the Almighty power who gave it me, and as Touching
such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this
Life, I give & bequeath as follows: First I give and bequeath unto
my son, Edmond, the dwelling house, improvements, and Thirty acres of
land, on the place where the dwelling house stands likewise ten acres
of woodland, along the line adjoining John Moore; Secondly I bequeath
unto my son Samuel Twenty nine acres of the plantation, adjoining
Michael Weaver's land on which he has Erected a house; Thirdly I give
and bequeath to my three sons, James, Joseph, and Charles, the
residue or Remainder of said plantation to be Equally divided among
them; Fourthly I bequeath to my Grand Daughter Rachel Harbert The Sum
of six pounds in specie, to be paid by my sons-Edmond, Samuel, James,
Joseph, and Charles each one an Equal Share; It is my Desire that said
Rachel shall have the Chief part of her Grand mother's Clothing. It is my
Desire likewise the Movables be Sold after my decease, and the
sums the amount to be equaly Divided among my present Children; and if
my son Samuel chooses to take the Drawers at the Appraisment, let so
much as they amount to, be deducted from his share of the moveables; To
Isiah, Rachel, and Sarah Morgan; Children of my first Wife I give and
bequeath as follows viz, To my Daughters, Rachel and Sarah, I give
each forty seven pounds, to be paid by my son Isiah out of the Estate
now in his possession, and that against the ensuing spring The
Remainder of said Estate, I bequeath to the said Isiah Morgain for his
Share- And I do nominate and appoint my sons Samuel and Edmond Morgain,
to be my sole Executors of this my last will and Testament, hereby revoking
all and every former legacies and bequeasts by me made heretofore In witness
whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this Twenty ninth day of January,
in year of our Lord one eight hundred and two
Samuel Morgain SEAL Saumuel Morgain last Will and Testament
Signed Sealed pronounced And Delivered in presence of Joseph Robison
Richard Patton John White Northumberland County SS Be it remembered
that on the Seventh Day of January in the Year of our Lord 1805, Before
me Jeremiah Simpson Esq. Register for the County aforesaid Personally
appeared Richard Patton one of the Subscribing Witnesses to the
foregoing Will Who being duly affirmed according to Law Saith he
was personally present + did see Samuel Morgan the Testator Sign Seal
& declare the foregoing writing, to be his last Will & Testament That al
the Time of his so publishing, the said will he wasof sound & disposing
mind memory as affirmant does believe according to the best of his
knowledge + understanding. And that Joseph Robison + John White
wrote their names as Witnesses at the same in the presence of each other.
That the name Richard Patton wrote as a witnesss of his own proper
hand writing. And further Saith Not.
Affirmed & Subscribed } the day and year afs'd. } Richard Patton
Before Jerem'h Simpson, Reg.
The family bible of Isaiah Morgan 1801 - 1878, Northumberland County
Possible relation to the same Northumberland family:
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FAMILY RECORD Births Isaiah Morgan was Born October the 12th, 1801.
Mary Morgan was Born November the 22nd, 1805. Eliza Jane Morgan was
Born November the 1st, 1823 Saturday. Nathaniel S. Morgan was Born
August the 8th, 1825 on Monday. Rachel Morgan was Born April the 30th,
1827 on Monday. George Washington Morgan was Born October the 29th 1828
on Tuesday. David Morgan was Born was Born October the 10th 1830 on
Sunday. Dennis W. Morgan was Born September the 7th 1832 on Friday.
Ananias S. Morgan was Born July the 11th 1834, Fryday. Sallyann Morgan
was Born October the 24th 1836, Monday. Rebecca Rosannah Morgan was
Born May the 12th 1839, Sunday. Charles Jesse Morgan was Born May the
27th 1841, Thursday. Mathias Reed Morgan was Born June the 24th 1843,
Saturday. Rosetta Mariah Morgan was Born September the 9th 1845,
Tuesday. John Whorrel Morgan was Born April the 25th 1847, Sunday.
James Newton Morgan was Born March the 30th 1850, Saturday.
Isaiah Morgan was Married to Mary Saxton November 17th 1822
Nathaniel S. Morgan was Married to Mary Elizabeth Zuern February 13th 1848
C. Kahler to Rebecca Kahler July 22, 1858 by C. S. Giest in Uniontown
Rosetta Maria Morgan, Daughter of Isaiah and Mary Morgan
Departed this life March 26, 1846--Aged 6 months and Twenty days Mark
10th Chapter and 14th verse Charles Jesse Morgan Departed this life
September the 6th 1846--Aged 5 years and 3 months 10 days Second Samuel
12 Chapter 23 Verse Nathaniel S. Morgan Departed this life March 11th,
1854 on Saturday 8 o'clock in the morning--Aged 28 years and 7 months
and 3 days John 11 Chatper 2, 23 verse Ananias S. Morgan Departed this
life on Wensday morning at 7 o'clock August 15th 1855, aged 21 years,
one month, and 4 day 39 Psalm 4 vers

J. unknown girl Morgan

Adjacent counties to Bucks

The Quakers along with everyone else in the American Colonies did not begin
using the Gregorian calendar until 1752. Under the Julian calendar, the
year began on March 25. In other words, before 1752 the 11th month was
January, the 12th month was February and so on. In 1752 and after, the 1st
month was January. N.B. From page x, Frost Genealogy, by Josephine C.
Frost. cpw 1912
(note expired). "In the counting of time, all dates between 1600 and 1700,
ten days must be carried forward, and between 1700 and 1752, eleven days
added to that. In 1752, the British Parliament made Sept. 3rd Sept. 14th,
so that all dates prior to that do not correspond with those of today."

UNTIL March 1752.... then it went to what we consider normal in 2007
11 Month - January
12 Month - February
1st Month - March
2nd Month - April
3rd Month - May
4th Month - June
5th Month - July
6th Month - August
7th Month - September
8th Month - October
9th Month - November
10th Month - December

Mind you I don't do the 11 day calculation thing but I do work within the
months and the right years, but I have been known to make a mistake in
typing things up also... Just didn't know if you realized it or not as a
lot of researchers didn't realize this was the reason for the double dates.

Edward Morgan (Gwynedd Meeting) recorded in Radnor Monthly Meeting
Edward MORGAN was in Phila. in 1684 when
he was granted a lot in the city:<16>
"(Seal) William PENN Proprietary and Governor of Pennsylvania and ye
territories thereunto belonging At ye request of Edward MORGAN yt I would
grant him to take up a lott in ye City of Phila.
"These are to will and require thee forthwith to survey or cause to be
surveyed unto him a lott in ye center on Skullkill side be fencing it in and
building upon ye same wthin. six months from ye date of survey & make
returns thereof into my Secretarys office
"Given at Philadelphia ye 27th of ye 5th mo 1684 - Wm PENN
"For Thomas HOLME, Surveyr. Genl."
Phila., Penna., Warrant Book D (Vol. 87, p. 45).
Edward Morgan next appeared on record as Edward Morgan, in Philad'a "ye 25th of ye 5 Mo., 1687 " at a public Meeting where he signed his name 2 signatures in front of Morris Morgan. 25.5.1687 is July 1687. They were given till 19th 7th month (middle of September) to finish their homes. There were two tracts of land spoken about, one in Bucks Co and one in Chester County. Morris Morgan was married to Elizabeth and was attending the Philadelphia Meeting when his young son Morris died in 1690. He may have stayed on land in NJ.

Edward Morgan's name next appears at a marriage at Quaker Meeting in Phildelphia.

1687 He and Morris Morgan attended a Meeting in downtown Philadelphia to appeal for an extension of the building of their homes (probably cabins), as it was taking longer than expected. They were living in caves on the NJ side of the Delaware River across from Philadelphia. It was on the side of the bank where the Quakers also had their Meetings, at first under a tree, and then under a tent erected for the purpose from a sailcloth for a ship.
1689 Finally- A lot in the City of Philadelphia running north 18 degrees east by the
8th St. from Schuylkill 178 feet then south 72 degrees east by back lots 48
feet then south 18 degrees west by Joshua MORRIS' lot 178 feet then south 72
degrees west by Market Alley 48 feet was surveyed and laid out to Edward

MORGAN the 1st, 8th mo., 1689 in the Proprietary's Secretary's Office.
Phila., Penna., Warrants and Surveys (Vol. 3, p. 538).
1691 Edward Morgan's son Daniel was born in Moyamensing,  a section of Philadelphia.
A memorial for his son Daniel states that Daniel was born in Moyamensing in 1691.
Later Edward Morgan moved from Philadelphia near enough to Radnor Meeting to take part. Radnor Meeting House was on Darby Creek in Chester Co., PA. Radnor Twp. bordered Phila. Co. at that time and probably was 15 - 20 mi. from Towamencin. Gwynedd Meeting was set-off from Radnor Meeting in 1714 but the records of the marriages of most of the children of Edward & Elizabeth Morgan appear in the records of Radnor Meeting:

Being a tailor he may have had a financial struggle in building his cabin, because, in Mar. 1695, the Radnor Monthly Meeting was interested in helping him. Considering the quality of this particular cabin, it must have cost much more money than the normal cabin. Edward was perhaps a perfectionist and wanted his home to be as precise as a properly fitted set of clothes. He would have had to hire men, since he was working as a tailor. Perhaps he was hiring men as he had the money which was not all at once.
Transcript, Radnor MM Minutes (March 1695)
    "Rees THOMAS & David MEREDITH are ordered to confer with Edward
MORGAN and to inquire into his condition, and whether he wants relief at
present, and to bring an account thereof to the next Meeting
"Att our Monethly Meeting held at Haverford the 13th of ye 4th moneth,
1695 David MEREDITH and Rees THOMAS are ordered to inquire further into ye
present condition of Edward MORGAN, and what he intends to do in relation to
his present settlement, and to see him relieved out of Friends Collection,
what he is in necessity of to his present subsistence"
1708 he purchased 309 acres of this patent from Griffith Jones on February 26, 1708. An extant "dwelling house" is mentioned in this transaction. In 1714 he bought 500 acres more, nearby, of George Claypool of Philadelphia, who, like Griffith Jones,was a speculative holder of Towamencin lands. By 1713 he had apparently moved to Montgomery; in the deed from Claypool he is described as a "yeoman of Montgomery."

The land containing the house was later deeded to John Morgan, son of Edward, on August 23, 1723 as part of a 104 acre tract. If George and Randall were his children, they were only 13 and 15 at that time. Where did Edward go from there? Did he go with one of his children South? Did he go to NJ and stay with a son? Did he stay in his house?
Edward was probably not well by 1722 and decided to turn over his property to his sons,
for in 1723 he died. That the wife of Edward MORGAN, Sr. was named Elizabeth is demonstrated
by their deed of 222 acres of their land to their son Daniel on 15 Dec 1722, as
well as by her signature on the marriage certificates of her children. Edward Jr.s wife
was Margaret Rittenhouse. The two women are combined into one name quite often.

Deed Research Summary from the Morgan Log House

Commissioners of William Penn Griffith Jones Feb. 12, 1702 600 Acres
Griffith Jones Edward Morgan Feb. 26, 1708 309 Acres
Edward Morgan John Morgan Aug. 23, 1723 104 Acres
John Morgan Evan David Aug. 12, 1741 104 Acres
Dec. 1898
Miscellany No. 2

Landholders of Philadelphia County, 1734

A List of the Names of the Inhabitants of the County of
Philadelphia, with the quantity of Land they respectively hold
therein, according to the uncirtaine Returns of the Constables.

Anno Dom: 1734

Joseph Morgan.............200
James Wall................100
John Morgan...............100
Daniel Williams...........200
John Edwards..............250
Joseph Lukins.............200
Jacob Hill................100
Hugh Evans................180
Cadwalador Evans..........100
Christian Weaver...........50
Nicholas Lessher..........150
Paul Hendericks...........100
Jacob Fry.................200
Peter Weaver..............150
Peter Tyson...............100
Christian Brinamen........150
Lawrance Hendericks.......150
Garret Shrager............100
Leonard Hendericks........150
Henry Hendericks..........123
Herman Gatchalk...........100
John Gatchalk.............120
Gatchalk Gatchalk.........100
Abraham Lukins............200
Francis Griffith..........100
William Nash...............50
Henry Fry..................50
Velty Canfenhiser..........23
Peter Wence, not known
William Tennis.............25

Jellis Jellis..............22
He came to Pennsylvania with his parents (supposedly). I find a Willia and Katherin Morgan in early Phildelphia, along with both Edward and Morris Morgan. Edward Morgan may be the related to Cadwalder MORGAN

Emigration: 9th month 20, 1683, Liverpool to Philadelphia ship "Morning Star" (Source: Pennsylvania Magazine of History & Biography, Vol. 8 p. 329, "William Morgan and Elizabeth his wife, both free, arrived at Philadelphia in the same ship (The Morning Star) from Liverpool, 1683 (20th 9th month)." I disagree.

The Morning Star
November 1683, from Liverpool, Thomas Hayes, master, from Liverpool
Henry Atherly
David Davies
Robert Davies and wife and children
George Edge and wife, Joan "of Barrow"
Humphrey Edwards, servant to John ap Edwards
John ap Edwards and minor children Elizabeth, Sarah, Edward and Evan
Mary Hughes, servant to John ap Edwards
William ap John (Jones), wife Ann Reynold and children John. Alice,Katherine and Gwen
Gabriel Jones, servant to John ap Edwards
John Loftus
William and Elizabeth Morgan
Thomas Oldham
Thomas Pritchard
Gainor Roberts, sister of Hugh Roberts, married fellow passenger John Roberts
Hugh Roberts, wife Jane and children Robert, Ellin, Owen, Edward and William
John Roberts
Richard ap Thomas and son Richard, Jr.

At a meeting of ye Commissioners ye 24th 4th Mo., 1087. In ye Council Room at Philadelphia. Present: William Markham, Thomas Ellis, John Goodson.
John Allen appeared according to ye order of ye Commissioners at their last sitting, and not giving Sufficient Reasons for his Peremptory Seating ye Land, it was ordered y't he, ye said Allen, depart ye said Lands he has thus seated opposite to all Law, Rule or Method, in some Reasonable Time, w'ch we allow to provide himself in, or he shall be prosecuted at ye Proprietary's Sute.
Ordered y't Edward Morgan have a Warrant for 100 Acres of Land in ye County of Chester upon Rent.
Ordered y't Tho. Fitzwater have a Warrant for 300 Acres of Land in ye County of Chester upon Rent.
The Petition of Edward Turner was read requesting a Lott near David Brintnell's, ye Surveyor informing ye Commissioners y't it was ye Governor's Land. Answered they could not dispose of it without partioular order from the Governor.
Ordered y't warrants be made for Derrick Vandeaburgh, 400; John Hanson, 200; Cornelius Hanson, 200, and Hermans Vangilder, 200 Acres of Land upon Rentin ye County of New Castle.

Edward Morgan's log home still stands. Near
Gwynedd, PA, site of historic William Penn Inn, The Morgan House adjoins
Valley Forge road and Allentown Road. The latter was the escape route taken
by those escorting the Liberty Bell to be hidden in Allentown's Zion Church.
Morgan House is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5 P.M.
Tel: (215) 368-2480. Edward Morgan's son, Morgan, had built a house on 197
acres of the original 800 acres in 1718.

Edward Morgan's daughter Sarah who married Squire Boone was said to have been the aunt of General Daniel Morgan - how? No way I can figure. Most Morgan lines claim Daniel Morgan as an ancestor, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Edward's children (good Ancestry tree for known children) are documented as such: Recorded marriages of Edward Morgan's children are as follows- * There might have been other children.
marriage dates:
1702: Morgan Morgan
b about 1686. By 1727 Morgan Morgan already had 2 grandchildren. He is not recorded as having married in Gwynned but he must have been married by at least 1702. After having moved to Gwynedd in 1700, his wife Dorothy (or is that Edward`s daughter?) always signs the marriage certificates of Edward Morgan's children, indicating a relationship to them either thru her Hughs ancestry or by way of Morgan Morgan. He would have to be born at the latest by 1687. If he is the son of Edward, I wonder why there is such a break of years between the estimated marriage of Morgan Morgan 1702 and the marriage of Edward's daughter Elizabeth in 1709.

Name: Edward Morgan (which grandchild of Edward Sr?)
Description: Witness to the Will of John Lloyd (Sr)
Date: 25 Apr 1727
Prove Date: 6 May 1727
BookPage: E:45
Remarks: John Lloyd. Gwynedd, Co. of Philadelphia. Labourer. April 25, 1727. May 6, 1727. E.45. Mother: in Great Brittain. Friends: Anne Bateman, John Bateman. Exec: John Bateman. Overseers: Evan Griffith, Robert Hugh.

Name: Edward Morgan (Sr)
Description: Heir
Date: 23 Sep 1703
Prove Date: 26 Feb 1703
BookPage: B:451
Remarks: Owen Morgan of Merion, Philadelphia Co. 9/23/1703. Wife Blanche. Son Humphrey Morgan, daughter Mary Carpey. Friends Edward Morgan and John Lloyd. Executrix: Daughter Katherine Morgan. Overseers: William Lewis, Ralph Lewis, Ellis Ellis, John Bevan.

Edward's son Morgan Morgan who lived in their cabin:
The following is a retype from EARLY FRIENDS FAMILIES OF UPPER BUCKS, with Some Accounts of Their Descendants, by Clarence V(Vernon) Roberts, assisted by Warren S. Ely, Originally published Philadelphia, 1925, Reprinted Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore MD 1975. Comments in ( ) are note inclusions from the publisher/writer; Comments in [ ] are from me personally:

Chapter XXXIV
Beginning on Page 381

1. MORGAN MORGAN, supposed to be a brother of John Morgan, a sketch of whom and of some of his descendants has been previously given, came from Wales about 1698 with other members of the family. He married 1718 Dorothy ---------, not a member of Friends Meeting, and was disowned thereafter. He settled in what later became Whitpain Township, then known as the “Adjacents of Gwynedd,” where he died in 4 mo., 1718. [This cannot be correct- he means Edward Jr.] His will, dated 1 mo. 3, 1727–28, mentions his wife Dorothy, sons Edward and James, and brothers Joseph, William and John. Children of Morgan and Dorothy (--------) Morgan:

  1. Edward, b. about 1719
  2. James
Reference: Edward Morgan is referred to by Thomas Allen Glenn in his Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, Vol. 2, page 1,
Generally considered an authority on the Welsh settlers of PA, Thomas
Allen GLENN gave a confused and erroneous genealogical sketch of Edward
MORGAN of Gwynedd (Towamencin) which makes all of his statements suspect:
"Edward MORGAN of near Bala, County Merioneth, tailor, son of Morgan
______. Removed to Gwynedd, PA about 1700. Member of the Church of England.
Freeholder of 800 acres of land in Gwynedd. Died in Towamencin in 1727.
Wife Dorothy living in 1727..." Morgan Morgan was a Quaker..Dorothy
was Morgan Morgan's wife and Edward Morgan was his son not his father.
Name: Morgan Morgan
Residence: Gwynedd, Philadelphia Co., PA
Description: Decedent
Date: 30 Jan 1727
Prove Date: 26 Apr 1727
Title: Yeoman
BookPage: E:38
Remarks: Morgan Morgan. Gwynedd, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. 1 mo. 30, 1727. April 26, 1727. E.38. Wife: Dorothy. Children: Edward, Jesse. Brother: Joseph. Grandchildren: Margaret and Elizabeth Morgan. Friends: John Thomas, William Morris, Walter Evans, Elinor Wright. Servant: Joseph Griffith.
Exec: Dorothy, William and John Morgan. Overseers: Cadwalader Morris, William Tennis.

Edward's grandchild and Morgan Morgan's son.
Name: Jesse Morgan
Residence: Whitpain, Philadelphia Co.
Description: Decedent
Date: 13 Apr 1757
Prove Date: 14 Sep 1757
BookPage: L:1
Remarks: Morgan, Jesse. Whitpain, Co. of Philadelphia. 4 mo. 13, 1757. Sept. 14, 1757. Wife: Mary. Children: Priscillah, Mary and Dorothy. Brother: Edward. Nephew: Morgan Morgan. Cousins: Owen Hughes, Isaac Hughes, William Morris. Uncles: Benjamin and Edward Hughes. Trustees: Edward Hughes, Edward Morgan, William Morris. Exec: Mary Morgan.

Edward's children:
1709 Elizabeth Morgan d/o Edward married Cadwallader Morris on
24 Mar 1709 in Gwynedd Monthly Meeting of Friends, Gwynedd, Berks (now Montgomery), Pennsylvania (IGI had an incorrect marriage of 24 Mar 1720)
1713 Margret Morgan d/o Edward b. 22 Aug 1693 recorded in Gwynedd MM, Montgomery, PA married Samuel Thomas Married: 1 MAR 1713 died 24 Oct 1750-51 in Richland Twp., Bucks, PA
1713 William MORGAN, 8-27, 1713 son of Edward MORGAN of Gwynedd, Co. of Phila., & Elizabeth ROBERTS. Witnessed by Alice MORGAN, Edd. MORGAN, Edd. MORGAN, Jr., Daniel MORGAN and others.
3-27, 1718. This Meeting being informed that Morgan MORGAN, one in Community with us hath an Intention of Marying with one that is not, Contrary to Discipline. This Meeting Desires that his parents & Frds. use all Endeavours possible by Tender Councel & Advice to Diswade him from it.
1718 Daniel Morgan
s/o Edward m. 2 Sep 1718 married Elizabeth Roberts in Gwynedd Meeting, Gwynedd, Montgomery Co., PA
1718 Alice Morgan d/o Edward married Jenkins Evans 17 AUG 1718 in Gwynedd Meeting, Gwynedd, Montgomery Co., PA
1720 Sarah Morgan
d/o Edward ( 4 APR 1698 in Radnor,Chester Co.,Pennsylvania) married Squire Boone married 23 JUL 1720 in Gwynedd Meeting, Gwynedd, Montgomery Co., PA See Marriage Certificate
1721 John Morgan
s/o Edward married Sarah LLoyd (proof below) 8 SEP 1721 in Radnor MM or Haverford MM, Montgomery Co., PA1728 Joseph Morgan s/o Edward married Elizabeth Lloyd- 8 SEP 1728 in Merion Meeting or Radnor MM, Montgomery Co., PA died 8 Feb 1748/49 in Frederick Co., Virginia. Prior to 1738 all that part of Virginia lying west of the Bluestone Ridge was included in the County of Orange, but in the fall session of that year this territory was divided into the Counties of Frederick and Augusta. later it was West Virginia.
1731 William Morgan widower
married Catherine Robinson [also "married: 27 AUG 1713 in Radnor MM, Montgomery Co., PA ." -Ref. American Pioneer Records and The Boone Bulletin Vol II, 1934-39] He or an uncle died 7 Oct 1731 in Gwynedd Township, Montgomery County, Pa _______________________________________________________________
Edward's son
Edward Morgan
JR died .will proven 7 MAY 1718 - married Margaret Rittenhouse and had only 3 children who were recorded in Gwynedd Meeting. Margaret remarried Rece Davies after Edward died.
Hannah Morgan b ca 1712 married Thomas Lewis on 7 Mar 1733/34 in Gwynedd,MM,Pa,
Morgan b ca 1714 married William Martin on 25 Mar 1738 in Gwynedd,MM,Pa,
Morgan b ca 1717 married Sarah Kenderdine on 14 Mar 1740/41 in Gwynedd Meeting.
Enoch Morgan, s/o Edward, Philadelphia Co., m. Sarah Kenderdine, d/o Richard of same at Gwynedd mh, 3rd mo 14, 1741
Thomas Holt, s/o Benjamin of Horsham m. Sarah Morgan, d/o Enoch of Gwynedd at Gwynedd mh, 2nd mo 13, 1781.

Margaret remarried to Rhys/Rece/Rees Davis/Davies/David:
Name: Rees Davis
Residence: Upper Dublin, Philadelphia Co., PA
Description: Decedent
Date: 15 Jan 1739
Prove Date: 21 Apr 1739
BookPage: F:114
Remarks: Rees Davis. Upper Dublin, Philadelphia County. 1 mo. 15, 1739. April 21, 1739. F.114. Wife Margaret. Exec: Margaret and Benjamin Davis. Children: Isachar, Benjamin (married Barbara Richardson 23 Oct 1731 in Philadelphia, Pa), Jane. Son-in-law: James Robeson, wife Mary. Overseers: Ellis Roberts, Robert Roberts, John Jones and John Evans
Date: 16 May 1748
Prove Date: 13 Jun 1758
BookPage: L:125
Remarks: Margaret Davies. Upper Dublin, Co. of Philadelphia. Widdow. 5 mo. 16, 1748. June 13, 1758. L.125. Children: Enoch Morgan, Issachar (Davies) and Benjamin (Davies). Grandchildren: Hannah Martin, Issacher and Margaret Davies, Miriam Lewis, Edward and Margaret Morgan. Friend: Hannah Foulke. Exec: Benjamin Davies.
1721 Minutes of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting

3rdly Application being made on behalf of John Morgan for a Certificate to Haverford Monthly Meeting in order to proceed in Marriage with one Sarah Lloyd belonging to the said Meeting. John Jones (probably son of John Evans?) and Cadwalader Foulke to make Necessary Enquiry and to write one agst next Meeting. 1st The friends Appointed last Meeting laid Down one Certificate for John Morgan

9-8, 1721. Marriage of John Morgan, son of Edward of Gwynedd, and Sarah Lloyd, daughter of Thomas of Merion. Witnessed by Dorothy Morgan, Edw. Morgan, William Morgan, Daniel Morgan (Sarah's brother), Sarah Boone,Squire Boone and others.

Edward Morgan jr. (died, will proven 7 MAY 1718, before his father) and Margaret ----. had 3 known children who were recorded in Gwynedd Meeting.
1. Hannah Morgan married Thomas Lewis on 7 Mar 1733/34 in Gwynedd,MM,Pa
2. Miriam Morgan married William Martin on 25 Mar 1738 in Gwynedd,MM,Pa
3. Enoch Morgan married Sarah Kenderdine b: 8 SEP 1717 in Germantown, Philadelphia on 14 Mar 1740/41 in Gwynedd Meeting.
Ref: Enoch Morgan, s/o Edward, Philadelphia Co., m. Sarah Kenderdine, d/o Richard of same at Gwynedd mh, 3rd mo 14, 1741
Enoch`s daughter Sarah Ref.:Thomas Holt, s/o Benjamin of Horsham m. Sarah Morgan, d/o Enoch of Gwynedd at Gwynedd mh, 2nd mo 13, 1781.

Date: 16 May 1748
Prove Date: 13 Jun 1758
BookPage: L:125
Remarks: Margaret Davies. Upper Dublin, Co. of Philadelphia. Widdow. 5 mo. 16, 1748. June 13, 1758. L.125.
Children: Enoch Morgan, Issachar (Davies) and Benjamin (Davies).
Grandchildren: Hannah Martin (child of dau. Miriam Morgan), Issacher and Margaret Davies, Miriam Lewis (child of dau. Hannah Morgan), Edward and Margaret Morgan (first two children of son Enoch Morgan). Friend: Hannah Foulke.
Exec: Benjamin Davies.

Marriage 1 Sarah Kinderdine b: 8 SEP 1717 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co., PA
* Married: 14 MAR 1740/41 in Montgomery Co., PA
1. Margaret Morgan b: AFT 1742, naamed after her grandmother, married Benjamin Kinderdine on 26 Nov 1770 in Gwynedd Meeting
2. Edward Morgan b: AFT 1748 in Montgomery Co., PA married Elizabeth Armitage
3. Hannah Morgan b: 26 Apr 1754 in Phila,Pa, named after her aunt married John Kinderdine and Job Spencer on 7 Oct 1785
4. Daniel Morgan b: aft 1757 married Mary Lloyd
5. Christianna Morgan b: aft 1757 married Hugh Lloyd on 22 May 1777
6. Sarah Morgan b: aft 1757 married Thomas Holt
7. Enoch Morgan b: aft 1757
8. Mary Morgan b: ABT 1756 marreid Josiah Spencer
9. Miriam Morgan b: ABT 1760 named after her aunt married Enos Spencer
One hundred years later another Edward died:
Son of Enoch and Sarah- Edward Morgan
"1823, May 7th, died Edward Morgan, of Montgomery" death recorded at Historical Collections relating to Gwynedd
Burial: Gwynedd, Montgomery Co. PA
Property: June 1, 1816, Edward, Elizabeth, Enoch Est. to Enoch Morgan Gwynedd & Montgomery BK 32:596

"It was in North Wales hamlet, Pennsylvania, that Squire Boone met Sarah Morgan and married her" in Gwynedd MM, Montgomery Co., PA a Quaker meeting house. Not quite right. the Boones lived in North Wales bzt he married her in Gwynedd.

By Roberta Stuart Sims
(Mrs. E. Kitteredge Sims)
of Shreveport, LA

George Boone was a weaver by trade and a Quaker by religion. He was born in 1665 in the hamlet of Stoak near Exeter in Devonshire, England. In his time the Quakers were oppressed and George Boone therefore sought information of William Penn, his co-religionist, regarding the colony which Penn had established in America. In 1712 he sent his three children, George, Sarah, and Squire to spy out the land. Sarah and Squire remained in Pennsylvania, while their brother George returned to England with glowing reports. On August 17, 1717, George Boone went first to Abingdon, the Quaker farming community. Later they moved to the northwestern frontier hamlet of North Wales, a Welch community which a few years previously had turned Quaker.

In "Life of Gen. Daniel Morgan of the Virginia line" by James Graham we find, "It is interesting to know that these two famous fighters of the Revolutionary period, Daniel Morgan and Daniel Boone were first cousins, but we have found no adequate proof of this connection."

This idea could be thru the Bownes of Bucks Co. PA.
Supposed children of James Morgan who died shortly after arriving in the
Colonies 14 Nov 1691 per Morgan family bible in Bohemia Manor,Cayots,Maryland.
I do not have a copy and have not seen one.
1. maybe-Cadwalder/Cadwallader MORGAN (Edward) about 1663
2. Margaret MORGAN b: 1 Mar 1665/1666 in Wales per Morgan family bible.
3. John MORGAN Sr. b: 22 Nov 1669 per Morgan family bible. in Radnor Vaenor, Wales married ?Sarah Evans
4. Evan ap MORGAN b: 29 Nov 1672 per Morgan family bible in Wales became preacher
5. James MORGAN b: 1 May 1675 per Morgan family bible(Linda Franks) in Wales became preacher married ?Sarah Protherah
6. possibly-Morgan Lewis MORGAN b ca 1678 (not to be confused with Lewis Morgan born: 1 NOV 1688 in Radnorshire, Wales, lived in New Britain Township PA) married Elizabeth
            Children of Morgan Lewis Morgan
a. Thomas Morgan b: 1702 Married: 1723 in Frederick Co. VA Prior to 1738 all that part of Virginia lying west of the Bluestone
Ridge was included in the County of Orange, but in the fall session of that year this territory was
divided into the Counties of Frederick and Augusta. Later it was West Virginia. Lettice Evans of Chester,PA
Estor Taylor moved to Bedford VA finally
b. Morgan Morgan b: UNKNOWN
c. John Morgan b: UNKNOWN

Name: Lettis Evans Morgan
Description: Daughter
Date: 3 Jan 1738
Prove Date: 6 Feb 1738
Book/Page: B:34
Remarks: Evans, Roger.
London, Britain, Chester Co.
January 3, 1738/9. February 6, 1738/9. B.34.
To daughter Eleanor wife of Morgan Jones and
daughter Lettis wife of Thomas Morgan 5 shillings each.
To wife Mary all lands and moveable estate during widowhood
afterward to above named 2 daughters and possible posthumous child.
Executrix: wife Mary, friends John Jones and Wm. Sample, overseers.
email from Kirk Graham My maternal grandmother also connects to a Morgan family. She is descended from Elizabeth Morgan, daughter of Thomas Morgan and Lettice Evans. Elizabeth married John Wilhelm Vardeman II and had a sone Morgan Vardeman. He married Mary Trousdale and their son Jeremiah Vardeman married Polly Coffee. Their daughter was Lucy Ann Vardeman. She married John Shelton Lucas and they are the parents of another 2nd-great-grandmother of mine... Martha Hannah Lucas. She married William L. Stephenson.
SAXTON, Christopher - KIP, William.
Radnor comitatus quem silvres. London, Georgii Bishop & Ioannis Norton, 1607-37. 270 x 330.
A map of Radnor Shire ( county) from the first English edition of the 'Britannia', translated by Philémon Holland. Engraved by William Kip, from the Christopher Saxton survey of 1578. The Saxton map is of Radnor/Brecon/Cardigan and Carmarthen, therefore this example is one of the earliest separate printed maps of the county. The men of Radnor in Chester County in the Colonies came mostly from this area of Wales.

Thomas Morgan b 1685 married Elizabeth Griffith b: 28 Aug 1692 in Carmarthen, Carmarthen, Wales Thomas died March 1740/41. See Morgantown, Carnarvon Twp., (now) Berks Co., PA.; Berks was formed out of Lancaster Co. in 1752.

Signed and dated the 4th 8ber, 1718.
Signed a Warrant to Thomas Morgan for 400 acres on a Branch of Conestogo Creek, at £10 p. C't and 1 Shill. Sterl. quitrent, dat. 1st 9ber, 1718.
Signed a Warrant to Gab. Davis for 450 a's on the same Terms and date.
Signed a Warrant to Hugh Hughs for 500 acres, Ditto, Ditto.
These three p'cells were agreed for to be laid out on a Branch of Conestogo Creek, as aforesaid. (Lancaster Co)

View Full Context
Tho. Morgan, of Haverford, and Jenkin Davis, of Radnor, desires about 1,000 acres of Land near or at the branches of Conestogo,

At a meeting of ye Comm'rs of Property 29th 2 mo., 1720.
Present, Rich'd Hill, Isaac Norris, James Logan.
Tho. Morgan, of Haverford, and Jenkin Davis, of Radnor, desires about 1,000 acres of Land near or at the branches of Conestogo, View Full Context

Will probated 25 Mar 1741 Residence: 1718 1200 acre tract surrounding Morgantown. He had arrived about 1718 from Radnor Twshp. He had a son John and a son Col Jacob Morgan who was born 7 November 1716 in Radnor. In 1769 Jacob Morgan came into possession of the 200 acre tract which his father had willed to his brother John. It was on this tract that he laid out the plat for Morgan's Town in 1770. Lots were not sold, rather, they were leased in the English way and improvements required to be made by the lessee. Early land records refer to the village as "Caernarvon Town" and "Morgan's Lancaster Co, now Berks, is studied by Pam Shenk Archives Director of the Tri-County Heritage Society in Morgantown:

The Thomas Morgan (ca 1685) family settled in what is now Morgantown, Berks County, PA.Some say the came from Radnor the Quaker community. Thomas and Elizabeth Morgan applied for a Warrant of land in 1718 at the head waters of the Conestoga Creek. Eventually, Thomas owned over one thousand acres of land in the valley. He had four sons. William, Francis (all children's births recorded in a Bible), John and Jacob. Jacob, a Col. in the French and Indian War served at Fort Augustus, now Juniata, PA. He also served in the Rev. War. Jacob is responsible for the founding of the town of Morgantown.

His son and son-in-law, John Price, and other family members, were merchants, sugar refiners and importers and exporters. They owned plantations in Louisiana and shipped goods to Barbados and Europe. If you have information about this family please contact Pam Shenk Archives Director of the Tri-County Heritage Society in Morgantown PA.
Above info taken from History of Bucks co.Pa by William W.H.Davis 1876 by Donna Pitts

Good site on Ancestry-
  1. Has Children William MORGAN
  2. Has Children John MORGAN b: ABT 1700 in Caernarvonshire, Wales; emigr. about 1718 married Ruth, on 13 MAR 1754 Bequeaths his farm of 149 acres in Caernarvon to daughter Mary. Will lists children; Elizabeth and Mary, wife of Evan Evans. There is a bequest made to the church wardens and although it is not specified, it would likely be Bangor Church in Churchtown. Executor is Evan Evans of Caernarvon Township, Lancaster. Evan Evans was the son of Nathan Evans b. 1682 in Treye Englis, Montgomeryshire, Wales and Susanah Davies b: 1687 in Radnor Twp, Chester whose father William died 3 Nov 1739 in Radnor, Pa
  3. Has Children Francis MORGAN b: 26 JAN 1710/11 in Caernarvonshire, Wales; emigr. about 1718
  4. Has Children Jacob MORGAN b: 1716 in Caernarvonshire, Wales; emigr. about 1718
Name: George Morgan
Description: Son
Date: 29 Jun 1802
Prove Date: 24 Sep 1802
BookPage: Y:729
Remarks: Jacob Morgan, Esquire. N. Liberties. City of Phila., Late firm of Morgan and Douglass, Sugar Refiners. June 29, 1802. Sept 24, 1802. Y.729. Wife: Barbara. Sisters: Mary, Rebecca Price. Children: Elizabeth Sergeant, George, Rachel, Wife of Andrew Douglass. Brother-in-Law: Joseph Jenkins. Exec: Charles Biddle, Esq., Mahlon Hutchinson, Samuel Wetherill, Junr.

Record of the Inscriptions in the Tablets and Gravestones in the Burial-Grounds of Christ Church, Philadelphia Gen Jacob Morgan was born 1742 and died 18 SEP 1802 He was the son of Jacob Morgan. His wife was Barbara Leisure or Barbara LESHER married 2 NOV 1762 in Morgantown. Also the daughter of Gen Jacob Morgan-Rachel Ash born 13 January 1772 died 17 Feb. 1817.
Father of the General: Jacob MORGAN b: 7 Nov 1716 in Radnor,Pa died 11 NOV 1792 in Morgantown,Pa
Mother: Rachel PIERSOL b: 1723 in Montgomeryville,Pa


Daniel Morgan
A. b 1736 New Hampton, Lebanon Township, New Jersey.d. July 6, 1802, Winchester, Va. David Morgan born ca 1730 (Gen. Daniel Morgan visited him after the War in Northern NJ Many Indian paths, some important, and some minor, crisscrossed the county. One of the more important was the Raritan path which followed up the Raritan to Racahovawalaby (Bound Brook), thence to Tuccaramahacking at the forks of the Raritan, thence to Whitehouse, Potterstown, Lebanon, Annandale, to Minsolackaway near High Bridge, thence through the pass by Glen Gardner to the village of Pelouese at Hampton. This path led ultimately to the forks of the Delaware at Easton. In The First 275 Years of Hunterdon County 1714- 1989 Bernard F. Ramsburg said:

"Hunterdon County not only had iron ore, but also had timber to make charcoal for smelting and limestone to use as a flux. The first ironworks, a bloomery, (small ironwork) was established near High Bridge in the early 18th century. An iron furnace was built in 1742 on Spruce Run, where the waterpower was used to run a slitting and rolling mill. A furnace was built near Cokesbury in 1752 and another was built in Norton. These were owned by Allen and Turner, who had extensive land holdings in the northern part of the county. They lost their iron works during the Revolution. The Union Furnace, as the Spruce Run furnace was called locally, was acquired by the superintendent, Robert Taylor. His family was connected with the iron and steel industry in that area until recent times. Iron was also made in Kingwood Township and near Pittstown. During the Revolution, Union Furnace made cannon balls for the American Army. It was operated until the early 1780’s. There developed a scarcity of wood for charcoal, which was probably the main reason for the closing of the furnace at that time."

soldier-General in the Rev war -moved to Winchester Va. married Abigail Curry in 1773- Daniel's daughter Nancy married the son of Gen. John Neville, Presley, in 1782 when he served in the Pennsylvania Legislature. She bore fifteen children. Nancy's sister Betsy Morgan married James Heard, who unfortunately was a drunkard. She bore four children.

i. Nancy Hanks Morgan b 19 AUG 1763 Frederick County, Virginia Formed 1738 From Orange along with Augusta Co, died 18 FEB 1831 in Cincinnati, Ohio married 15 Oct 1782 in Warren County Virginia to Presley Neville born 6 September 1755 in Winchester, Frederick County,

Prior to 1738 all that part of Virginia lying west of the Bluestone
Ridge was included in the County of Orange, but in the fall session of that year this territory was
divided into the Counties of Frederick and Augusta. Later it was West Virginia.

Virginia in probably Gen. Morgan's home "Saratoga," near Winchester, Virginia. Lt-Colonel. Aid to Gen Morgan. Aid to Gen. Marquis de LaFayette. Died 1 Dec 1818 in Clermont County Ohio.Interned at the cemetery of Spring Grove, July 16, 1860. Lot
owner Episcopal Society, Sec 39, lot 282. Presley was the son of John ^ Neville of Bower Hill and Winnifred "Winnie" Oldham d/o of John Oldham. John Served in Braddock's expedition and was made brevet brigadier general. He was a member of the Provincial Congress. Children of Nancy Morgan:
1. Morgan Lafayette NEVILLE b: 25 DEC 1783 in Pittsburgh, Allegeheny Co., Pa
2. Emily Morgan NEVILLE b: 15 FEB 1786 in Pittsburgh, Allegeheny Co., Pa
3. Fayette NEVILLE b: 25 FEB 1788
4. Elizabeth "Betsy" Theresa NEVILLE b: 18 NOV 1789
5. Nancy Morgan NEVILLE b: 15 MAR 1792
6. Frances "Fanny" NEVILLE b: 27 JAN 1794
7. Presley John NEVILLE b: 5 NOV 1795
8. Winifred NEVILLE b: 6 JUN 1797
9. Edgar NEVILLE b: 27 MAY 1799
10. Ellen NEVILLE b: 30 NOV 1800 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
11. Francis Scott NEVILLE b: 17 JUN 1802
12. Clarence Montague NEVILLE b: 27 MAR 1804
13. Frederick Augustus NEVILLE b: 3 AUG 1805
14. Mortimer NEVILLE b: 6 APR 1809

ii. Elizabeth "Betsey Betty" Morgan b abt 1765 VA married James Heard on 17 OCT 1785 in Frederick Co., VA in probably Gen. Morgan's home "Saratoga," near Winchester, Virginia. Children
1. Daniel Morgan Heard b: ABT. 1786
2. Morgan Augustus Heard b: ABT. 1788
3. Nancy Morgan Heard b: ABT. 1790
4. Matilda Heard b: ABT. 1792

iii. Willoughby Morgan b. 1767 or 1785 by a woman out of Winchester, Va died1832 in Fort Crawford Cemetery, Prairie du Chien 6-13-2002
From: Mary Ann Stemper
Mary Ann Stemper wrote:
Colonel Willoughby Morgan commanded Fort Crawford here in Prairie du Chien 5 different times and died while in command just before the break out of the Black Hawk War in April 1832. The army surgeon who cared for him was Dr. William Beaumont. Willoughby Morgan is buried in Fort Crawford Cemetery here. We know about Zachary Taylor, Jefferson Davis and William Beaumont who served here too, but we know next to nothing about Willoughby Morgan. We call him our Forgotten Commander. We [The Fort Crawford Museum on the site of the 2nd Fort Crawford Hospital] would like to learn more about Colonel Morgan He was on an extended leave the year before he died. We would also be grateful for any directions to look that you could point to.
Thank You,
Mary Ann Stemper

According to Don Higginbotham who wrote the book "Daniel Morgan, Revolutionary Rifleman, he states on page 183 that "It is not generally known that Morgan also had a son. Born in the mid-1780's, Willoughby Morgan was illegitimate, and his mothers identity remains a mystery. His birth so embarrassed Morgan that he never referred to Willoughby in his surviving letters or in his will. Apparently at a very early age, Willoughby was sent to South Carolina where he grew up and studied law. By 1811 he lived in Winchester and later raised a company of infantry in the War of 1812. Compiling an impressive combat record, he decided to make a career in the army, rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel. A woman who knew Willoughby declared that he possessed considerable formal education and, like his father, was tall and muscular. After serving at western posts in Indiana and Wisconsin, he died in 1832."
1. Willoughby D. Morgan b: 18 AUG 1827 in Asche Co., NC married to Malissa Asher 28 MAR 1854 in Johnson Co., TN He is living with widow Nancy Morgan b. 1809. Was Nancy the widow of the elder Willoughby (son of Daniel)? Descendants were told he was the son of Nancy Hotzclaw b: Abt 1809 in Ashe (Now Watauga) Co.,NC and James Morgan. perhaps James became his stepfather after Willoughby Sr died?

B. Hannah Morgan - claimed to Daniel's brother. She lived in Pendleton SC for awhile. Nj historians claim Isaac Morgan was Danile's father and there is information about a younger Isaac Morgan in SC listed below. (Terry Morgan's relative -according to family lore she had an affair with another Morgan and said she was Gen. Daniel Morgan's sister) was in Pendleton Dist. of SC 1800 census. Gen. Morgan sent his son Willoughby to SC to be raised by family. hannah is in Harlan Kentucky 1810. Recent DNA testing has shown Zachariah's father was a Morgan male from the line of Randall Morgan of Bucks, PA

i. Zachariah Morgan (descendant tested DNA matching Edward morgan thru his mother'd Morgan mate-unknown) born ca 1775 m. 1795 Mary Polly Holt he was in NC in 1798, Lee VA 1804 and Pendleton SC 1800 census settled Poor Fork in Harlan Co., KY when it was still a part of Lincoln county. He was a member of the Baptist church in Oven Fork, on which site a church still stands. Of this first church Zachariah Morgan was a trustee until his death.

a. Elisha Hardy Morgan b: 6 MAY 1820 in Harlan County KY m. Mary Ann Napier b: 1829 Census: 1880 Leslie, Kentucky David, Elisha and Able Morgan on the census report Misc 1850 Perry, Kentucky

i. John B. Morgan b ABT 1858 m. Minerva Hoskins

ii. Rebecca Morgan b ABT 1851 in Kentucky

b. William Morgan b 1801 in Pendleton District, South Carolina married Nancy Sergeant b: ABT 1807 in Tennessee

c. Mary Elizabeth Morgan b: 10 Sep 1799 in South Carolina died 24 JUL 1868 in Harlan, Kentucky married John Jarrett Lewis b: 15 DEC 1790 in Greenbriar, Chesterfield, Virginia

d. Rachel Morgan b: 10 DEC 1798 in North Carolina married John W. Pennington b: 23 JUL 1795 in Pennington Gap, Lee County, Virginia

e. Jesse M. Morgan b: 9 JUN 1803 in Ole, Lee County, VA died 15 MAY 1897 in Camp Creek, Leslie, Kentucky married Rebecca Howard b: 10 OCT 1805 in Mount Pleasant, Knox, Kentucky

f. Lucinda MORGAN b ABT 1817 in Letcher County, KY married Combs

g. Lucretia “Cressy” Christina MORGAN b: 23 Feb 1811 NC married David Sergeant

h. John M. Morgan b: 1815 in Harlan Co., Kentucky Death: 1905 in Clay, Kentucky married Rebecca Lewis

i. Nancy MORGAN b: 1819 in Letcher County, KY married a Sergeant boy

j. David Morgan 6 MAY 1820 in Leslie, KY died 20 DEC 1888 in Clay, Kentucky married Virginia Jane Howard b: 27 SEP 1819 in Mount Pleasant, Knox, Kentucky Census: 11 JUL 1860 Perry, Kentucky a David, Elisha and Able Morgan on the census report Misc 1850 Perry, Kentucky

k. George Washington Morgan b: 1824 in Harlan Co married Martha Pace b 1822 on 7 MAR 1841 in Perry, Kentucky

l. Eloise/Louisa MORGAN b: ABT 1802-1809 in VA married David Parsons

m. Joseph Morgan b: 2 FEB 1807 in Lee County, VA died 14 SEP 1878 in Stinnett, Leslie, Kentucky married Chloe Napier Census: 1850 Clay, Kentucky

n. Abel MORGAN after 1814 in Perry County, KY married Sarah Sergeant Census: 1860 Owsley, Kentucky, a David, Elisha and Able Morgan on the census report Misc 1850 Perry, Kentucky

o. Zachariah MORGAN b: ABT 1816-25 in Leslie County, KY died 1878

Morgan references in Pendleton SC

The following data by Pat Morgan Lyons is taken from Leonardo Andrea's file on MORGAN..located at the Ladson Genealogical Library at Vidalia, Ga.and is dated 1950:
Most of his file is based on data that can be researched at the SC Archives. I have included what I have on the name Isaac Morgan:
Royal Land Grant..Isaac Morgan, 100 acres in Berkeley Co [Newberry] 4 July 1769.
Land Tax Memorials..each owner of a grant, had to pay a tax for a certain number of years...Isaac Morgan 1
Land Grants after Revolution..
..ISAAC MORGAN 640 acres on Enoree River 96 Dist. 16 Jul 1786
..ISAAC MORGAN 400 acres on Brush Creek 96 Dist [Greenville] 5 Jun 1786
Land Plats after the Revolution..Isaac Morgan 2
Revolutionary Index..Isaac Morgan [Mary]
1790 Census SC:
Isaac Morgan..1-1-1..Cheraw District..[present counties of Chesterfield, Darlington, Marlboro and parts of Dillon & Florence and also a part of Lee.]
Isaac Morgan..1-1-3..Greenville Co.
Will in St. George Parish Dorchester..William Morgan..his will signed 20 Mar 1780 & no pr. date but the will recorded in Bk for 1780-82..Wife and simply referred to "My dear deceased wife & her clothing and jewelry to go to my daughters"..cdn and none aged 21..Mary Morgan, Isaac Morgan, William Morgan, Jr. & Ann Morgan...he had a house & store at Dorchester..much property including furniture had been moved to escape the British.

Newberry Co, SC..Isaac Morgan and his wife Ann [Nancy] Morgan a deed signed 18 Dec 1778 to Robert Rutherford of Chatham Co, NC..250 a land originally granted to William Dawkins and by him sold to ISAAC MORGAN ect..Wit. Thomas Smith & George Linan........."This ISAAC MORGAN sold lands in Newberry later and went to GREENVILLE CO where he bought land from Uriah Conner and his wife Margaret Conner..In 1806 the widow of ISAAC MORGAN sued Mrs. Margaret Conner, widow of Uriah Conner for the dower on this land which was on both sides of the Enoree River..This from my Conner files..Many of the Morgan in Greenville-Pickens counties descend from this ISAAC MORGAN"....

Greenville County...ISAAC MORGAN...his will signed 12 Oct 1794 & pr. date missing..Wife, NANCY MORGAN and Ex..mentions lands on both sides of the Enoree River. Children and both under age of 21..
"My step daughter of my wife by her former marriage..ELIZABETH ELLISON" one place as Allison..also Ex with wife to be friend, Robert McAfee..

Dacusville Methodist Church.."In Pickens Co, SC where many Hunts are buried we stopped while on a hunt for Hunts we copied..
DR. BENJAMIN F. MORGAN..31 Oct 1817 to 3 June 1887
His wife, MARY HAMMETT [did not copy]
also were tombstones of
DR. JESSE MORGAN and his wife [parents of BENJ. F. above...we were told to see an Attorney at Law in Greenville, MR. B. H. MORGAN aged 80.. He stated that he descended from ISAAC MORGAN thru his son, JESSE MORGAN."

ISAAC MORGAN in Newberry Co, SC buys land from Asa Inman..[Andrea]
JANE [Jean] MORGAN, dau of ISAAC AND NANCY___[Ross]MORGAN, married Joseph McAfee. They lived for a while in Pendleton Dist. then Charleston. From there they moved to Covington Co, Ms in the 1820's. Their children were: MORGAN, MADISON[called "Mat"], JOSEPH, JOHN H., ELIZABETH, JESSE, NANCY, SARAH, MINERVA, MARGARET.

*George 02 16, 1789 Deed Greenville Co. SC R#
DB B-10, 02-16-1789 Isaac Morgan, Greenville Co., SC to George Ross of same place, stepson to said Isaac Morgan, 40 acres, being part of original grant of 640 acres grantd to said Morgan in 1784...on south side of Enoree River on south side of a small branch that heads up to the waggon road. WIT: L. Alston, James Blasingam

*George 06 18, 1791 Deed Greenville Co. SC R#
Deed Book C-14, 6-18-1791; 8-1-1791 George Ross to Thomas Bell, both of Greenville Co., L50, 100 acres, part of 200 acres granted 4-3-1786 to said Ross, being on both sides of Morgans Creek of Enoree River, adj. land where said Bell now lives. WIT: Isaac Morgan, John Ross, George Sanders.

will dated 12 Oct 1794 - to wife Nancy...till my son and daughter come of age. To son Jesse...daughter Jean ...and my wife's daughter Elizabeth Elison...
witness John Cox, John Ross
LDS #0024026 - Greenville Co, South Carolina Will Book C pg 46-48

Randal Morgan
related to George Morgan by DNA tests, Gloucester NJ where the family of Willoughby resided
Randal married Grace Linyard of Philadlephia-
LIDYARD, JOHN.  Mooreland, County of Philadelphia.  Yeoman.
April 5, 1748. April 31, 1748. G.256.
Wife: Charity.
Children: John, Martha Newman, Grace Morgan, Mary Newman, Uriah Marks and Ann Lewis.
Exec: Randal Morgan and Thomas Lloyd.
Wit: David Malsby, Mary Malsby and John Hart.
Randal was said to be raised by Enoch and Able Morgan

Children of Randal and Grace Morgan
Child Abel MORGAN- (1737-)Southampton Bucks County PA
Child Ann MORGAN- (5 Dec 1744-) Southampton Bucks County PA
Child Enock MORGAN (14 Dec 1739-) Southampton Bucks County PA
Child Grace MORGAN (13 Apr 1742-)Southampton Bucks County PA
Child Mary MORGAN (20 Sep 1751-)Southampton Bucks County PA
___Spouse Abel MORGAN-22
Child Randal MORGAN ( According to Randal Morgan's will, Faquier Co. Va., Will Book 1, pgs 207-208, Randal Morgan Jr. was born Oct. 25, 1756-Fred Long)
Children unknown 1757-1765
Child Grace MORGAN (24 Jun 1766-)
Child William MORGAN (2 Jun 1769-)

Was Randal raised by these Morgans
Welsh Tract Baptist church was meeting sometimes at Pennepek. There is a son of Enoch Morgan- Abel (born in PA at that time). The father Enoch came on a ship with the Baptists. There is no mention of an Abel Morgan as a preacher at Pennepack. Abel died at the age of only 49, on December 16, 1722 in Philadelphia. He and Judith had four children together: Rachel, Abel Jr., Samuel, and youngest son Enoch ( b.1721) Abel Jr. and Samuel were both born at Welsh Tract, Newcastle, Delaware. But what is interesting is Abel (son of Enoch) moved to Middletown, NJ. Middletown is the oldest settlement in New Jersey Maybe that is the key. It is Monmouth Co. Monmouth is where my Adam Morgan married. Did he have a grandfather there he went to see? In the late 1600s, the land, Middletown Village was the heart of Monmouth County's first European settlement. By 1668, the village had been laid out into thirty-six "home lots" along an Indian path that later became Kings Highway. These lots were used as family farms and passed down through the families until 1890. Abel had no children and he had 2 nephews to him he left a legacy. Samuel and Nathan. Nathan had moved to Greenvile SC. Samule had become a preacher like his uncle and had stayed on the house his uncle was living, taking over the church post his uncle Abele had had. However he was a drunkard and was fired by the church. meanwhile he was consuming Nathan's share of the legacy. Nathan hired a lawyer in Wayne Co PA thru the courts in Greenville SC to go after Samuel in Monmouth Co NJ.

Adjacent Counties to Monmouth

Able and Enoch Morgan from Wales (Welsh Baptists)

Here is its history. Enoch and Joan Morgan sighed a document Joan is the same as Seanna or Givan/Shevan in Keltic. But Abel did not come on the ship with Enoch -
An Abel is mentioned-and may be Enoch's son or brother:
These Articles of faith adopted by this church in February 1716 were translated into the Welsh Language by Abel Morgan, to which was added an article relative to laying on of hands; singing Psalms; and church Covenant.
In the year 1714 Magdalen Morgan because she withstood the advice of the church relative to unscemingly dress which even the world thought to be unbecoming and which she wore and because the brethren learned that she neglected the church meeting and worship and because she refused to listen to the church through the messengers sent to her that she might not bring reproach on the church.
Where is the information this Enoch and was the brother of Abel?
They came to Pennepek, now in Philadelphia, Pa., where there was a Welsh Baptist church. Leaving in this place some of their number, and receiving accessions in return, they removed, in 1703, to Iron Hill, in the Welsh Tract, New Castle Co., Del. (at that time a part of Pennsylvania). A small meeting-house was then erected upon the site now occupied by the present edifice, built in 1746.
In the year 1730, Elisha Thomas died, and the said church continued under the ministry of the said Mr. Enoch Morgan and Mr. Owen Thomas; during which time, God raised up other two in the said church; viz., Mr. Abel Morgan, who since removed to Middletown, in East Jersey, and Mr. David Davis. On the 25th of March, 1740, died the said Enoch Morgan, and the church continues under the ministry of the said Owen Thomas and David Davis."

Morgan Ap Rhydderg Parish of Llanwenog
[Rhyddarch Morgan] Death: 1688
Spouse: Jane Lnu remarried Griffith
Children Sex Birth
1. Thomas Maud Morgan ? b 1772 His son Abel b )?18 APR 1712?) came to the Colonies, married Elizabeth known children were 1. Thomas Morgan who married Ann Waln and 2. Dinah Morgan:Abel was Clergyman. emigrated to America, and settled in or near Phil., possibly in New Jersey. He was the author of the book styled, "Anti-Pado Rantism"- it's a homily, written in opposition to the sect of Ranters, or fanatical Methodists, who separated from the Wesleyans because the latter did not approve of preachers in the streets. (I cant verify this info-these children can possibly mixed up with another Abel in the family. The information comes from the Rotch file. The Rotches were connected to the Waln family who daughter Ann married Thomas Morgan)
2. Abel Morgan 1673 died 16 Dec 1722 Randolph, North Carolina, USA at the age of 49. Philadelphia dathe given too. Able landed at Philadelphia, February 14, 1712 He was the main organizer of the churches at Brandywine, Westchester County, and of Montgomery. He also aided in forming the church at Hopewell in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. He died at the early age of forty nine years, and his remains were buried in the rear of the Baptist meeting house in La Grange Place, but were moved to Mt. Moriah cemetery. The greatest work of his life was the preparation of the Welsh Concordance of the Holy Scriptures. His wife, Priscilla Powell and an infant son died enroute. A daughter, Jane survived. Abel married Martha Burrows in 1714 and she died a year later in 1715. then he married Judith Griffith and they had 4 children:
Abel Jr.
Enoch 1721
Samuel Marriage 12 MAR 1750/51 in PA 1 Kathryn Sprogel
3. Enoch Morgan 1676 died 20 Mar 1740 - Wellington, New Castle, Delaware Wilmington, New Castle, Pennsylvania is now Delaware Enoch Morgan sailed from Milford Haven, Wales on the James & Mary,landi ng in Philadelphia on Sept. 8, 1701. he married ca 1705 Joan/Jane Llanwenog, Cardigan, Wales Enoch preached in PA, NJ, and SC. His son Abel also was a preacher. Both preached at the Pennepack Baptist Church. Enoch's children are
Esther Morgan F 1706 in Welsh Tract, New Castle, Delaware, USA
Abel Morgan M
Enoch Morgan M 1719 in New Castle, Welsh Tract, Del married Margaret Howell 25 DEC 1745 in Iron Hill, Welsh Tract, New Castle, DE (LDS)
Wilmington, New Castle, Pennsylvania is now Delaware
Source for Enoch Morgan 1676: Welsh Tract DE Meeting notes; Loudoun Co., VA Tax list; Genealogy...Descendants of Morgan Rhydderch and his wife Jane, by Judge Horatio Gates Jones, 1885; Nathan Morgan's Bible information DAR, Wash DC; Will of Abel Morgan b 1776 (will in OH dated 1820); marriage license of Enoch Morgan to Peggy Bradley, married in OH 1818.
4. Esther Morgan b 1678 Marriage 1 David (ap John) JONES

email from Terry Morgan
Abel and Enoch the Welsh Baptist preachers.
They were the sons of Morgan Rhydderg 1625-1680 and his wife Jane. They had a brother Thomas and a sister, Esther. It is believed that Thomas stayed in Wales but Esther also came to America as did Abel and Enoch. Abel was the oldest brother, born in 1673. He can to America around 1712. His wife, Priscilla Powell and an infant son died enroute. A daughter, Jane survived. Abel married Martha Burrows in 1714 and she died a year later in 1715. He then married Judith Griffith and they had 4 children:
Abel Jr.

Abel died in 1722 at the age of 49. He had been a preacher at the Pennepack Baptist Church.

Enoch Morgan was born in Wales in 1676 and died (25 March) 1740. He came to America in 1701. He and his wife Jane had the following children:
Esther b. 1706
Enoch b. ?
Abel b. 1713

Enoch preached in PA, NJ, and SC. His son Abel also was a preacher. Both preached at the Pennepack Baptist Church.

I have to think that Randle Morgan who married Grace Lidyard was related somehow to these men. Not only did they have sons named Abel and Enoch, but they also attended the Pennepack Baptist Church. I suppose they could have just named their boys after the preachers, but this seems unlikely. This will be a challenge to sort out.

American genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI)
Name: Enoch Morgan
Birth Date: 1670
Birthplace: Immig.Wales, Pennsylvania, Delaware
Volume: 120
Page Number: 332
Reference: History of the Davis fam. des. of John Davis, d. East Hampton, LI. By Albert H. Davis. New York, 1888. (197p.) Calvin:5

The Baptists formed a church in Charleston abt the yr 1685. Their first minister was the Rev. Mr. SCRIVEN, who commenced his ministerial labours in the province abt the year 1683, and continued there to the time of his death in 1713. [p218 MILLS' Stats]

1701-1714 Queen Anne's War (War of the Spanish Succession--England) [p12-3 Fr & Ind War]

Aug 1736 Lt Gov BROUGHTON and council read and granted the petition of David LEWIS, Samuel WILD & Daniel JAMES representing members of a colony of Welsh Baptists living in Newcastle Co, then one of the 3 Lower Counties of PA, but later part of Delaware....The records of the Welsh Tract Baptist Ch in PA
state, in Nov 1735, that Abel MORGAN, teaching elder, James JAMES, ruling elder, Thomas EVAN, deacon, Daniel JAMES, Samuel MILES/WILDS, John HARRY, John HARRY Jr, Thomas HARRY, Jeremiah ROWELL, Richard BARROW, Thomas MONEY, Nathaniel EVAN, Mary JAMES, Annie EVAN, Sarah JAMES, Mary WILDS, Elizabeth HARRY, Margaret HARRY, Eleanor JENKIN, Sarah HARRY, Margaret WILLIAM, Mary ROWELL, & Sarah BARROW were removed to Carolina & were dismissed to the Bapt Chh in Charleston, or permitted to form themselves into a chh. In 1738 John JONES & his wife Ann, and in 1739 & 1741 several other members. Abel MORGAN, listed in the record as returned. [p91MERIWETHER's Exp of SC]

Jan 1738 (White settlement was slow in SC from 1696 to 1730, & to encourage more rapid expansion the crown adopted a township system & offered land under the most encouraging conditions. The easy terms & other circumstances attracted the Welsh in PA (in the Welsh Tract of Delaware), some of whom came
to investigate the suitability of the province for their settlement. David LEWIS, Samuel WILD, & Daniel JAMES presented their petition and a colony soon followed upon the promise of exclusive possession of a large tract partly in Queensborough Twp on the Great Peedee River. A number of the Welsh came in 1736, and many soon settled in the bend of the river opposite the present village of Society Hill, called James' Neck in 1738. This was desirable land for raising hemp, flax, etc., and practically all of the Welsh Neck, as this sx
came to be called, was soon granted. In Jan 1738, 30 of the Welsh settlers constituted a Bapt Chh at first called Peedee, but later named Welsh Neck. The religious group to which these PA Welsh belonged had begun its organized religious life in 1701 as they were leaving Wales; they planted their church at the Welsh Tract in PA (later Delaware), and of this body Peedee or Welsh Neck Chh was in effect an arm, though the members had been dismissed bef coming to SC. [p61 TOWNSEND's SC Bapt]
(Note: Society Hill very near site of old Cheraw Old C.H.; Darlington Dist; the James Neck area must be on line between Chesterfield & Marlborough; Queensborough Twp must be in lowest tip of Marlborough Dist--see 1825 MILLS Atlas for location of PEARSON & Col. EVANS; all this is just west of the NC line; maybe sw of Bennetville)
Their meetings in SC were held for a time at the house of John JONES, whose 1st survey was made in 1738 on James' Neck. Mr. JONES brought with him a Welsh concordance of the Bible by Able MORGAN which was probably used in the meetings at his home, showing the congregation's use of their native language after they
came to the Peedee. [p63 TOWNSEND's SC Bapt]

Meeting of Wed 19 Jun 1738: Read the petition of the Welch and Pensilvanians settled in Queensborough Township and Welch Tract praying the Time permitted by an order of council on the 13th Aug 1736 for those people settling the Welch Tract may be prolonged.
Ordered that the Term prescribed by the Order of Council of the 13 Aug 1736 which expires on the 13th Aug ensuing be prolonged to the 13th Aug 1739. [p118, Pet SC CJ, I]

1738, Abel MORGAN [son of Enoch] served as pastor of the Baptist Church in Middletown Monmouth Co NJ from 1738 to his death in 1785. On his death, his library and other property was left to the church. His nephew Samuel, who had studied under his uncle, succeeded him as pastor there. However, in 1792, the church dismissed him because of his excessive drinking. [McNALLY, Bev. [New Jersey forum #2948 dtd 12/9/99]

(11 May 1739, Read the pet of Daniel JAMES setting forth that the order of this Honourable Board for the Reservation of the Welch Tract upon Peede River for the sole benefit of such Welch Pensilvanians as shall come over with an Intent to settle in this Province expires in the beginning of the month of August next. That several Deputy Surveyors are at present very busy in purchasing and collecting warrants to lay out considerable quantitys of land in the sd tract immediately upon determination of the sd order. That several familys in Pensylvania are determined to remove themselves into this colony provided this Board will prolong the time of reservation. That the Petitioner sails for Pensilvania next week and that the Removal of the sd familys will in a great measure depend upon the Petitioner Representation of this Board's prolonging the time. The petitioner therefore humbly prays that the Reservation may be prolonged for two years more from the month of August next that he may be enabled to give the sd familys encouragement to come over. Ordered that the time be prolonged according to the prayer of the petition for two years from the month of August next and that the surveyor general be directed to acquaint his Deputys therewith. [p135, Pet SC CJ])

Reference to Nathan Morgan of Greenville SC, nephew of Abel Morgan of Middletown NJ mentioned above
I have one reference to Northampton Co PA that stands out in my mind:
Winnie Gilreath Westbury
Power of Attorney
of Greenville Co SC
of Northampton Co PA
31 May 1794
p501, Greenville Co SC Deed Bk C
Transcribed January 15, 2001 by wgw
from Photocopy of Microfilm Copy
Located at South Carolina Department of Archives and History
Columbia, SC

501, The following power of attorney from Nathan [iel scratched through] Morgan to James Galbreath was produced in open Court and acknowledged by the said
Nathan[iel...scratched through] Morgan and Ordered to be Recorded which was done this
7th July 179[ blot].
Know all men by these presents that I Nathan[iel...scratched through] Morgan of the
County of Greenville & State of South Carolina have made constituted and appointed and by these presents do make constitute and appoint my Trusty friend James Galbreath of
the commonwealth of Pensylvania [sic] and County of Northampton my True and lawful Attorney for me & in my name to ask demand and receive from Samuel Morgan of Middle Town in the County of [sic] and State of New Jersey and from all and every other person or persons Administrators of the Estate of the late Abel Morgan of Middle Town aforesaid deceased all my part or dividend of the Estate of the late Abel Morgan aforesaid, which by right of Inheritance I am Justly Intitled to as Nephew of the aforesaid Abin [?sic] Morgan and which has been Recovered by process of law by my Brother the aforesd Samuel Morgan for me and twither [?sic] I do hereby Impower my said Attorney to take and pursue every necessary Step in law for the Recovering the aforesd Legacy both in the State of Jersey aforesd or any other place or places whatsoever and to do every act or thing necessary or Touching the premises aforesaid as largely and fully to all Intents and purpose as if I was personally present or as if the matter required more [effecual authority than...lined through] (expiccal?/ethical?) is herein contained & further I do hereby Impower my said Attorney to substitute & appoint one or more Attorneys
under him for his assistance and to give Receipts or other acquittances in my name hereby holding firm and Effectual whatsoever my said Attorney or his Substitute shall
lawfully do or cause to be done for the purpose aforesaid In Witness whereof I have set my hand seal this thirty first day of May in the [sic] of our Lord one thousand seven
hundred ninety four. Nathan Morgan {L.S.}

Signed Sealed Delivered
In presence of .....

Middletown is a township in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States. Middletown is one of the oldest sites of European settlement in New Jersey. Middletown Township was originally formed on October 31, 1693, and was incorporated as a township by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on February 21, 1798. Samuel the drinker was being referred to by his brother Nathan Morgan in the above pursuit of his legacy which apparently his brother Samuel was drinking away.

Full Text:
At a meeting of the Commissioners in the Council Room at Philad'a ye 25th of ye 5 Mo., 1687. Present: William Markham, Thomas Ellis, John Goodson. According to Notice given ye last sitting of ye Commissioners there appeared of ye Inhabitants of ye Caves on the Bank:
John Otter.
Benj'n Chambers.
Hen. Furnis.
Anth. Weston.
Nath. Allen.
Hugh Marsh.
Thos. Prichard.
Edward Morgan.
Alse Guest.
Morris Morgan.
Hen'y Hughes.
Tho. Roberts.
Samuel Hersent appeared in the behalf of John Swift and Jere Elfrith.
John Otter, Benj. Chambers, Nathaniel Allen and Alse Guest, their Caves were esteemed to be worth the Building, thirty pounds, and the Commissioners treated with them accordingly; the rest desired they might have more time allowed them that they might provide habitations for themselves. It was granted till ye 19th of ye 7th Month next provided, they sign to a Writing (should be drawn) ye next sitting of ye Commissioners, w'ch will be ye 29th Instant.
John Otter and the rest were appointed to come the same time and sign a writing which shall be prepared about their ---.
Upon the Petition of Walter King it was ordered that (seeing he had a Warrant from the Proprietary for 700 Acres of Land to be laid out at the place he now lives, and tho' on the neglect of Thomas Fairman in not finishing his Survey before he had placed several others so near him that when he had finished the same he found left but 500 Acres for the said Walter King, the which was returned unto the Surveyor General's Office by Thomas Fairman; And also the said Walter King making it appear unto the Commissioners that he had due to him one hundred acres of Land more than he had yet surveyed to him, and desiring it might be compleated within the said Tract returned by Thomas Fairman for 500 Acres, if upon a resurvey it should appear so much therein to be) a warrant to be granted to resurvey ye said tract to accommodate him accordingly.
Ordered y't Richard Mason have a warrant for 500 Acres of Land in ye County of New Castle upon Rent in Lue of a warrant he had formerly for the same quantity in Chester County; he being a man able to seat the same.
This day was signed the Instrument that was ordered to be drawn the 13th of ye 3d month last about the Welch Tract which follows Verbatim: We, the Proprietary Deputies, having taken into consideration the request to us made by several persons, both in the behalf of themselves and others, concerned in a Tract of Land about forty Thousand acres w'ch was laid out by vertue of a warrant from the proprietary and Governor bearing Date ye 13th day of the first month, 1684, for the Purchasers of North and South Wales and adjacent Counties of Herefordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire. Wherein they set forth y't after the Legal Execution of the said Warrant several Incroachments have been made within the bounds of the said tract of Land by others that had not Right therein, and also then having produced to us a ceritficate from under the Surveyor General's Hand, y't he hath not by any order, directly or indirectly caused the said Warrant to be violated or Infringed. And what Land so ever hath been surveyed and laid out by Charles Ashcome or any other of his Deputy Surveyors within the said Tract of Land was not done by order from him, Against which Incroachments the Persons concerned in the said tract have craved Justice from us that their Rights might be Maintained according to the true Intent and meaning of the aforesaid Warrant granted them by the proprietary and Governor.
We having therefore well weighed the Matter, truly considered the case and rightly understanding the Governor's Intentions in granting the said Warrant, Do by vertue of the Authority granted us, Publish and declare that what Land so ever hath been surveyed and laid out within the Tract of Land aforesaid (as it is bounded, Beginning at the Skoolkill thence running West South West on the City Liberties two thousand two hundred fifty-six Perches to Darby Creek, thence following up the several courses thereof to New Town nine hundred Eighty-eight Perches to a Corner post by Crumb Creek, Thence down the several Courses thereof four hundred and Sixty Perches, thence West and by South by a line of Trees two thousand and Eighty Perches, thence North North West by a line of Trees nineteen hundred and twenty Perches, thence East and by North by a line of Trees Three thousand and forty Perches, thence East and by South one thousand one hundred and twenty Perches, thence South South East two hundred fifty-six Perches, Thence East North East Six hundred and forty Perches, Thence South South East one thousand two hundred and four Perches, thence East North East Six Hundred Sixty eight Perches to the Skoolkill, thence down the several courses thereof to the Place of beginning) (otherwise than to the Purchasers Concerned therein as aforesaid, viz: ye Purchasers of North and South Wales and adjacent Counties as Herefordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire), to be Illegal, Irregular and not according to Proprietary Method (except such Land as was Survey'd before the said Tract was laid out), and therefore do forewarn all persons Concerned who pretends to Land which hath been Surveyed or laid out within the said Tract and not qualified purchasers as aforesaid or whose Land was not Surveyed or laid out to them before the Tract aforesaid was laid out, to forbear seating or any wise occupying the Land so Illegally & Irregularly laid out. All which Illegal and Irregular proceedings we do in the Proprietor's name, reserving to himself his future Orders, thereby Condemn, Disanull and Make voyd. And all People concerned therein is to take notice hereof, as they will answer the Contrary at their Peril.
Dated at Philadelphia ye 25th day of ye 5th Month, 1687.
William Markham,
Tho. Ellis,
Jo'n Goodson.
The Commissioners upon Reading ye Proprietaries Instructions bearing Date 8th of ye 12th Mo., 1686, w'ch ye Proprietary expected should have come with the Proclamation brought by Ed. Blackfann, fell into Consideration about the Proclamation for the Seating of Land. For having by a former Instruction Received with the Proclamation three Months Time allowed their Discretion and not to exceed it to publish the same in, and that in the Proclamation Six months Time after Publication thereof was allowed for Seating ye Land, and having before given out amongst the Purchasers that there was such a Proclamation, with the whole Tenor thereof, and that there was such great Expectations of its Coming forth in Manner and Form as it was, And would create great Animosities if altered. They therefore concluded that a Proclamation should be drawn answerable to that of the proprietaries without allowing any of that Time which was allowed by the proprietary for their Discretion to publish it in, but only to allow in it so much Time as if the Proprietor's Proclamation had been published the Day of the Receipt thereof.
A Proclamation by the Proprietary Deputies.
Since the Proprietary had no other thing in his Eye in the Settlement of this Province next to the advancement of Vertue, than the comfortable Situation of the Inhabitants therein, and for that End with the Advice and Consent of the most eminent of ye first Purchasers, Ordained that every Township consisting of five Thousand acres should have ten familys at the least to the end the Province might not he like a wilderness as some others yet do by vast vacant Tracts of Land, but be regularly improved for ye benefit of Society in help, trade, Education, Government, also Roads, travel, Entertainment, etc., and finding that this single Constitution is that which eminently prefers the province in the esteem and Choice of Persons of great Judgement, Ability and quality, to embarque with us and second our beginnings. We thereby publish and give Notice y't ye Commissioners will inspect what Tracts of Land Taken up, lye vacant and unseated, and if any of the said Tracts, lying vacant and unseated, shall not be seated according to the Regulation aforesaid, within Three Months after the Date thereof, provided the usual Time allowed for seating the same be already expired. The said Tract will be disposed of to Those that are able and ready to seat the same. Dated at Philadelphia ye 26th Day of ye 5th Mo., in the 3d year of the Reign of King James ye second, and 7th of ye Proprietary's Government, Anno Dom., 1687.
William Markham,
John Goodson.
Two of these were set up in Philadelphia, one given the under sheriff of Chester County and one sent to James Harrison for Bucks.

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